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Our National Treasure — 108 year old Humanist Teresa XuZhe January 8, 2009

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If there are national treasures in Singapore, that would have to be 2 persons:

Teresa Xu Zhe and Lee Kuan Yew .

Centarian Humanitarian magnaminously save lives of all, both the sinful and kind.

Centarian Humanitarian magnaminously save lives of all, both the sinful and kind.

Teresa Xu or Hsu Chih is a centarian who has dedicated her life to helping the needy — one of the few rare people in the world, whom like the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta, has dedicated her entire life to serve the welfare of the underpriviledged purely for  sake of helping and caring. I have found few people in my life so far to see such a fine character, who has forsaked her own happiness to do what is needed to save lives of others. In a world where status, fame and money are the main motivational goals of most people; the acts of her moral deeds is an excellent example of hope and faith of the most enduring kind.  I would even put her above Lee Kuan Yew anytime.

Her living energy along with the world’s few genuine leaders give hope to the world of humanity in which our society badly needs to keep it truly sustainable.

Xuzhe devoted her whole life to serve the people, and it is her deeds keep her healthy perfectly in a rather ripe old age. Yet, she is free from all disturbance and confusion, her innocent and sincere mind expressed on her innocent smiling face. Her smart response to the question from the students won applause. But, more important is Xuzhe illuminated students, make them thinking deeply. Students felt Xuzhe is indeed an evergreen volunteer and Bodhisattva lived in the world.   [Translator: Wang Xinyu]




1. en en - September 24, 2009

I wish I could behave like xu zhe too

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