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Is Innovation Dead? Is “Transformation” the Key Concept for 2009 ? January 11, 2009

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, ethics, life challenges, Product Design.
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“Innovation” is Dead. Herald The Birth of “Transformation” as The Key Concept for 2009.

Bruce Nussbaum claims a new word over innovation: ‘transformation’.

In context, I agree with change as we clearly need it to make lives better in a world where design is not positively used to benefit and value add living. But how daring are we to this transformation or change ? And also how are we supposed to implement such transformation? If we fail to create this transformation with a solid methodology and a earnest desire to do well in practice; then ‘transformation’ is as bad as the earlier concept in ‘innovation’.

If we look at the things around us, there are plenty of useless things around us. Products that we could have chucked it away but are there because for a solely commercial reason. If we need to save this world from environmental damage, I often feel we need to change our thinking. Things are there because of us, so to handle a problem on the product itself isn’t exactly pinpointing to the problem, but merely recycling them into another different form. Not everything needs a product to solve a problem. So I respect the fact that certain issues require intelligent  policies to the world’s problems in poverty and hunger.

Everyone has a role to play in improving everyone’s lives.  It’s only a matter of identifying what one’s strength is and use it positively and selflessly.

Then Change has genuinely come to save our skins..

Image extracted from Vinfolio.com

Image extracted from Vinfolio.com


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