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Quick Press: Re: ID rated #9 of 200 jobs January 23, 2009

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Something I posted only a while ago on IDFORUM at YORK University’s server on the ranking of jobs. The original post was also commented at this site at the Wall Street Journal Online.   More later.

‘Dear all,

Maybe we should ditch/modify Maslow.
And ask what is the true worth of a person to stay alive in the world,
which I think its more important. Without this fundamental aim, we can
forget about why we need the basics, the money and nevermind self

Van Gough work towards his life goal, but he went mad and died
tragically in the end. I feel that for a person to live with full self
actualisation, one must understand why and what they are aiming for
without negative impact to not only oneself, one’s surrounding
environment; which includes risks to well being of people and other
effects on both man made and natural resources.

I think we need to change the way what it is put in front of us. Old
rules may not work. But we certainly can use history as a guideline to
make the modifications and value add life as a whole. When a job
fulfills such goals that is both satisfying to the person and others,
then I think its a career well done. And a blessed life well-lived.

Have more to ramble but I’m rushing…

Quick draw during lunch break.
Am off to buy the rest of the Chinese New Year items….’


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