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Interesting & thoughtful quote about Change February 12, 2009

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Economy.
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‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’

– R. Buckminster Fuller


Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller


Change is basically to make something different from its original state. I think it should define the dimension and the nature of the change. If we were to look for realistic change that value-adds life, we have to look at practicality and move along the lines with adaptations.   Many people are equiped with the same fundamental know-how, but do not have the  real idea of using them in different ways effectively. Hence the proposals they offer are often lacking in dimension and scope. In the meantime, many more people appear to lack wisdom in their approach to problems; lacking the insight needed to jump out of convention.  If we need to really transform ourselves, the niche should be to restructure one’s thinking. People often focus on the products we need to modify to suit the environment, but isn’t the character and minds of the users that make the most effective outcome ? Personal relationships is another. If one fails to handle one’s life, how good and effective can one solve other people’s lives ? The notion of spending needs to be addressed. Fashion is nice, but how many are original in style that promotes a real change so we can come down with the material waste that we have through capitalism and consumerism ?

If we need to produce products/service, can we improvise/trim/save/and just use what is necessary ? If we are able to do this, could we be saving the extra money and spare that to others who need them ? If we are able to feed and cloth the poor, would that mean less crime, less misery and less misfortune that comes out from poverty ?

Quick thoughts for now, and more later.


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