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‘Design is Change; Change is Power’ February 14, 2009

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Just read this new book called, ‘The designful company’ by Marty Neumeier, who was also the author of ZAG.  I highly recommend this book for anyone. I have always been a keen advocate in believing that there is always a way in dealing with anything in life.In his book there was this particularcatch phrase that I really like:

‘Design is Change; Change is Power’.

A short and small little book that is thought provoking and leave areas for self designing one’s own brand or business or even with life if you like. I like it as it resonates with what I believe in that ‘Design is thoughtful living’; and that design is a way of thinking that solves problems in any permutation or ways that one can think of under one’s given situation/factors etc. I also believe that there is no hard and fast rules; nor are there that many problems that we cannot solve if we are able to identify the factors and problems and form a way to solve it. It is merely a matter of choice if you would want to strategise and navigate towards your goal to change for the better and turn this change into power that helps one to better control trying circumstances like the one we are all facing.


1. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!


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