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Changes for the US Auto industry March 31, 2009

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Making a very quick post on the topic. I was listening to the news and this piece of news was just the one piece of news that send my head nodding. With this specific regard on the Auto Industry, I agree with President Obama hands on. But I do not think that a larger stimulus plan may be helpful. Well that is from a non-US citizen so it may be different. Here is his excerpt of his speech that has been just released. And I will append my thoughts about the Auto Industry that I replied some 4 months ago at LinkedIn.

President Obama’s speech excerpt [CNET]

I am absolutely committed to working with Congress and the auto companies to meet one goal: the United States of America will lead the world in building the next generation of clean cars,” Obama said. He noted that many American-made car companies, including GM, have made significant advances in producing fuel-efficient cars.

“Let me be clear: the United States government has no interest or intention of running GM. What we are interested in is giving GM an opportunity to finally make those much-needed changes that will let them emerge from this crisis a stronger and more competitive company,”


My reply to Edward Caulfield 4 months ago on LinkedIn posted 4 months ago in Change Management, Government Policy:

The concept allows for an interesting scenario. Instead of paying money to save GM, spend the same money on the GM employees (and probably those in the supply chain as well) who earn under $x00k (pick your favorite value for x) per year to retrain them in fields where the demand *currently* remains high – renewables. Key would be that the lowest paid workers would get the highest priority on retraining. I am curious to read your thoughts.

I have some questions here as an onlooker.
Under normal circumtances, I would have agreed to let these auto companies fail.But in this situation where it involves thousands of jobs at stake, would it be advisable to have a kind of contract in place like setting new guidelines for the failing companies and change the top level management people instead of allowing all of them to go bankrupt ?

I seem to see that a lot of people seem to favour either government bailout or let them fail. But why can’t it be a mix of both ?

I would have thought that keeping the auto companies are the National Pride of the Americans. To let them fail, seems to be too much especially so when it will make so many workers out of jobs. Though some of them may be taken back into the auto industry when the new Japanese firm sets a new manufacturing plant in the States, I feel that if I were an American and a policy maker, I would have gone in to revamp the management in the company to save a national brand and to save jobs.

I think its the people that needs changing.

2 cents from a foreigner.
Clarification added 4 months ago:
correction on this line where I said ‘see that a lot of people seem to favour either government bailout or let them fail. But why can’t it be a mix of both ? ‘ It should be why can’t there be a mix of government intervention and private sector management ?’

I posted the above reply 4 months ago

Quick thoughts before posting a bigger post March 30, 2009

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Just completed posting to my design diary that I thought it would be interesting. We need some change on the conventional notebook PC. Or maybe it’s just me thinking that these aspects should be looked into. Anyway, I will post up a larger post on fashion later in the week.

For now, a small wish quote from me for the day:

I wish there is less ‘hot air’ of some people. For such light and heated air fuels ego that actually kills creativity and wisdom.

Mid Night thoughts: ‘Not just Any Change’. March 21, 2009

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extracted from commons.wikimedia.org

extracted from commons.wikimedia.org

Every time I see someone just taking off something (doesn’t matter whatever that is) without the thought of giving back or at least say a simple thank you to a simple act of kindness, I would wonder if we are ever going to make genuine real changes to keep our living habitat under the common stratosphere well. It is not exactly a simple matter because whatever we do on a nominal basis actually reflects our true personality: if you cannot give, cannot treat people sincerely, cannot keep your eyes off materialism all the time; how could people believe that the world would be a better place for tomorrow ?  So we do not need just any change, we ought to add in a strong adjective to the noun ‘Change’ and these are the words ‘real and positive’. We need positive changes that will sink into people’s minds to make a 180 degree turn from our usual human flaw-hypocrisy, greed and selfishness. I am learning that bit by bit, step by step and I hope I am getting there. I also believe this is crucial for any society if it were to remain relevant and to survive. It is especially true in such challenging times where almost every peace is close to being threatened. Why do I say that ? If I have observed correctly, I suspect there may be a growth on a cold war between peoples. The poor global economy is going to be true test to a lot of people about their values. It is probably going to make plenty more people question about materialism and the age old consumerism at best, as in the recent news on Pope Benedict tbe XVI who had recently condemned on the ills of materialism.

But I do hope that this worry of peoples breaking apart is unfounded or at least be minimized. However if we based on history, such cold wars are not uncommon. And jealousy, selfishness and greed have always been the ones that spur deceit, betrayal and  onwards to unwanted negative impact. Though we cannot totally eradicate such natural human flaws for good, I believe we could avoid them and turn them to positive energies where we could even influenced the hatred into generosity and magnanimity. That has to come from us ourselves first. If we cannot save some bits, trust some more bits, give extra bits to people, then the notion of being good et cetra would all go down to the drain.  This is exactly the kind of energy that is the true force which could put terrorism, poverty and unhappiness et cetra to an ultimate end. We need to first obey the laws ourselves before we could teach the same thing off too. It has to be *real*.

At this moment, the two critical Chinese characters 博爱 ‘bó àì’ (Universal compassion and love) comes to mind. These were the two characters which Dr Sun Yat Sen had written famously to his followers and to his people. He changed the way Chinese think. He changed the lives of the entire race and he transformed the entire Chinese history.