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Quickie: Climate Change or attitude change March 14, 2009

Posted by @Karen_Fu in climate change, environment.

Am reading an article on the Straits Times a moment ago and I really believe that we need to change our consumption habits. Just a few days ago, I was having a forum discussion about ‘safe materials’ and I mentioned that our conventional thinking needs to be altered.An over consumption of even the so-called good and harmless products can do harm as well. I call that the ‘environmental friendly bag paradox’, where plastic bags are replaced with a new green product that ironically doesn’t exactly solve  the root problem. You could see a rising number of businesses doing these bags. And often it makes me wonder if these bags consume another new problem of waste ?

Ideally, I feel that we need to totally eradicate redundant use and exercise improvision in the way we consume, either in the way we use products and services or in the way we have our food. Really if we could save on waste, we could save a lot of prospective green house problems under the stratosphere. Currently, I do not think we are exactly solving environmental problems from the way we have our cars, fashion and food. There is also plenty of wastage in several areas in manufacturing,technologies, daily lifestyles et cetra. If we could just sit down and do a simple brainstorming, its not hard to list a whole bunch of them. And if we really do some soul searching, we need to really make hard nose changes.

Here’s a quick excerpt of news I read on Straits Times:

Climate Change near irreversible.

One victim of climate change will be the polar bear, which could die out within 50 years as the Arctic sea ice melts. — PHOTO: FESTIVE FILMS

One victim could be the polar bear, which could be extinct in 50 years, given the rate at which Arctic sea ice is melting.

Saying there is no excuse for inaction, nearly 2,000 climate researchers meeting in Copenhagen urged policymakers to implement the economic and technological tools available to cut emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

COPENHAGEN: Global warming is accelerating beyond the worst predictions and is threatening to trigger irreversible climate shifts on the planet, hundreds of leading scientists warned.

Scientists sound dire warning, calling on govts to act quickly to cut greenhouse gases


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