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Teresa XuZhe-Woman of real substance August 10, 2009

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Woman of real substance

Woman of real substance

Teresa XuZhe didn’t know when she was born except the fact that she knew she was born in the year 1897. So she assumed the date of 7th July as her birthday since that was easy to remember. Somebody of her disadvantaged  background could beat all odds, despite with only basic education to become a learned scholar in her own right, clearly has the character clearer than the brightest diamond. She is a respected humanitarian and real scholar for us to learn from her passive but genuine keenness to do good for all.

I think she is one fine example of a woman of real substance. I feel that life has not treated her well enough.  But she has never disgruntled about her life being lackluster than most others both materially and immaterially. Neither did she complain of her loneliness in her silent pursuement in doing good for mankind– ranging from helping the homeless, the hopeless and to the dying who are much younger than she is. Compared with most urbanites especially women, she doesn’t ask for life’s material comforts. Many women would yearn for material needs and  usually do it at the expense of family. Her life overseas away from home was not a sweet one, which was with racism and bullying. Yet she held no grudge and love all the same. A rare humanitarian, an exemplar character, she performed her duties because she genuinely thinks its her calling. It wasn’t the type where being kind was ‘just a calling’ and looking for ‘world peace’ had to be in a loud shouting manner  for  all to know; but it was in a passive but powerful determination to do it all.And gladly so for most of her years in silence before we discovered her and her deeds in the last 10 years.

I am really glad she is still alive and is living for us to discover her. For many, charity has hidden agendas– either in the disguised name of fame ; or sometimesin the form of money/ tax exemptions. This BBM (public Service Award) is too little for her years of service for mankind at her own motivated will, which she gave to those who needed the love and care.

She is also a live example of what life would eventually reward a genuinely kind soul. She lives a life of no complex worry; neither does she harbor jealousy, hatred or greed in a changing world where deceit, hypocrisy and greed remains a strong force to be challenged with. I often wonder why she is unmarried? She should have. It reminds me of the many other kinds of women and men we have who have families which they cannot managed and a life in a mess of breakups with stranded and ill-behaved children. These people do not deserve a family where they actually taught their offsprings  to continue their ills in their lifetime. In that sense, I often wonder why life has not rewarded her a blessing that she deserves. I really feel she deserves far more and I genuinely wish I could give her something really good in return. I’ve not thought of anything as yet.

For now, all I can do is to post about her on the blog. I hope her humanitarian spirit could live on by simply passing a message around by her deeds. Life may not reward the very kind, but certainly it will punish the ill hearted and the greedy. Let this be a lesson learnt.

[picture taken from LianHeZaoBao 9 August 2009]

reference link

  1. https://daringtochange.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/our-national-treasure-teresa-xuzhe/


1. Newmicon - September 21, 2009

This is a great story, thank you for the wonderful read

2. Carman - October 28, 2009


3. Karen - December 19, 2009

late respons here. Haven’t been logged into wordpress for a long time. Few people in the world are like her. Would expect people to change for the better overnight because it hasn’t been since the birth of mankind; but history also tells us that people who have the worst human ideas of selfishness and deceit will suffer in the end.

4. Karen - December 19, 2009

correction: Would not expect people to change overnight. not would expect…typo there.. apologies

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