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OT special – Somewhere Over The Rainbow Song Review of Thoughts August 26, 2009

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, ethics, faith, human quality.
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Working around and after time is a fact of city life and I admit being tired about it all. But I always love this song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ for many of the most mellow reasons – the lyrics, the tune and especially the simple melody that radiates so much positive energy. Almost childlike as it sounds, it makes you want to sing and bring forth a lot of smiles and cheers with everyone in the world.

A dream is what moves us and the colorful rainbow is the bridge that links peoples, cultures and lands together in hope, peace and happiness. We can only live in goodness and happiness if and only we could join hands together regardless of race, creed and nationality. The colors of the rainbow are so pretty and to see friends shaking hands and asking, ‘how do you do?’ and they reply, ‘I/We love you’, would be such a wonderful feeling. Simple care and concern is what alleviates the pain, sorrow and struggles of many people; melts the hatred and discrimination and many unwanted jealousy and fights of any kind, in any form. Troubles would simply melt like lemon drops…

Dreams that you dream once in a lullaby, dreams do really come true. Someday you wish upon the sky and hopes over the rainbow, as the blue birds fly.. while the trees are green and red roses too… are singing along with you under the sparkling stars. Take 2 steps back, breathe some fresh air, see around you; feel the surroundings more; think how many years you’ve passed; and count how many years you may have. Then everything in the negative will not last and stay in you anymore.

Sing along with the Chipmunks & make even the simplest space a very joyful and blissful way !

Hope this makes a lot of sense from someone over the rainbow in Singapore !


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