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Another Heartwarming OT, an aspiration & inspiration – Somewhere Out There August 27, 2009

Posted by @Karen_Fu in faith, human quality.
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Updated on 17 Jan 2011 :

Please surf to Somewhere out there for 2011

to watch an replacement for the missing video below.  The new blog post also contains Kaitlyn Maher’s performance & thoughts for 2011. Cheers!

What I really like about this music Video is the purity of these voices.  To me, this angelic music video is not just about keeping old friendships and the like alive regardless how far apart they are; but also reminding us that we are all citizens of this same common world that we all live in. As the world is getting flatter, anything that is done in one point will inevitably effect the other directly or indirectly.  If everyone were to think we are all only residing in different rooms of the same huge house as a large family; we could just probably free ourselves in many areas of thought that will liberate us of our negative thoughts.  Unless we  free our minds and reduce them to the purest point, we probably will never really make any real change and advance ourselves as truly cultured people.

Maybe these little mice and the earlier little Chipmunks could really teach us some neat though simple lessons about life and hopefully change for the better… It may sound really too simple, but in reality its a large feat to be accomplished in human history.


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