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Snap shot from Twitter – Long shot on Peace: thoughts from ‘Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.’ March 10, 2010

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pic source from mymarketingthing.com

‘Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.’ I’d say ‘orignal Masters don’t Bully.’

This was exactly the immediate reaction I have when I caught the link via @dtapscott (Don Tapscott, Author of the book ‘Grown Up Digital’) on Twitter.

Can’t say enough about twitter’s great indexing system. It widens your learning horizon and sends you thinking in depth about the people you interact online and how minds work across the tweets. Everything in digital print and  record. Perhaps it would be great to run the real offline world in this format. We might be able to run a better world that way. I have a string of blog posts under draft mode as I have a great tendency to make tonnes of typos if I don’t check more than twice. But it will start to shoot after this post, and I am so compelled to post this now.

It has prompted me on a few main sub topics pertaining harmony via the issue on business/ intellectual property:

-Do we exactly trust people? (or could one choose to mischieviously rip the faces of bad people off ?)
Its common knowledge that in business,or indeed in life in general, people could do all kinds of slander or gossip to try erode their opponent’s credibility. That is why law and regulation come into place to enforce a harmonial order however imperfect the system may be.

It is also common knowledge since human civilisation that human beings dwell on the most cruel war , fights and even murder to vent their pent up anger over what they think they are unfairly treated. So the next question is:

-When can we stop the fights for money, status and integrity? (maybe this is impractical unless we choose to live on high mountains of sheep and cows)

The only way is via tolerance & stop focusing so  much on self. Easier said than done, we might need more an a couple of natural / man made chaos to put everything in world order. Sounds horrific but it seems that the human gene isn’t computated with this idea of thought that it takes 2 to start a quarrel then fight; and a blast of smoke to start a war. Having said so, sometimes silence & no reaction could also start fights too, which also cause many later fights that is based on mannerisms. No one likes empty silence after making a proper request. Fights don’t come from nowhere. It is just a matter of respect that one should have.  Bending around on ethics to play around isn’t that very wise but many people do that too. It is not only complex to play with but also the dues are definitely going to be hard to simplify later. There are many different permutations of people; most have double or even multiple agendas, which is why an overwhelmingly complicated system emerges. Why do we do that is beyond me. Perhaps I am way too simple minded but I like being simple. It keeps me young.

-Great people don’t have airs; they don’t bully and they mix with all kinds of people.

Play fair, go straight. Forgive and forget. Forget  jealousy and stop keep dwelling on what you don’t have. Be genuinely nice.Your mind will be clear of thoughts, and originality will come through. It is easy to see how and why great men and women are such, because they only have big clear minds that spur great physical health too.

-Masters don’t bully because they only spend time to create useful that benefit themselves and others.

Beware of people who love to gossip especially those with a glib tongue.
And beware of rumours. That is exactly where trouble starts. Use your eyes, use your head.

Change in the usual mental thought of getting even, ‘cos that is how the (individual, national or international) rot starts.

Have this for now; have to fly off  for now. Taking this very short break to post. Hope I’ve made sense. More pending blog posts in draft.

PS: I’d wish the weather here is cooler. It’s definitely abnormal but that’s what we have put in. – Karen Fu