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Ah, we are from the Planet C. Why Are We So Complex In Mind ? July 26, 2010

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@GreatestQuotes: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein

Just retweeted it. Thought I add a few thoughts about the perplex layers of the human mind. We’ve come across great men and women whose paths have been obstructed because they have been different. Einstein was not alone. Together with many other great minds in innovation and invention, politics and literature; thinking different often means opposition. And its true even today when we are supposed to fully evolved and morphed into this new kind of cacoon which it should be born a free and beautiful butterfly.

The type of butterfly that is supposed to be from the new age, new born, new minds that are big and open.

But are we?

Everyday we could read from our papers (doesn’t matter where the heck you are on this little blue planet of ours) there must be some kind of fights: from domestic violence to national disputes; from toilet politics to international politics; from simple words of simple thoughts blown out disproportinately into complex thought & fights. Some people appear to be able to just find fault in some people somehow. I often think we are all weird speices of the strangest kind. First off,  we could see the bad in others. Next off, most of us fail to see the good in others and third off, we can’t see the bad in us. Well maybe we do. Just that we forget all about it very soon after.

I think this is negativity in the worst form. Its venom seeps into the mind in making it far more complex than it really should be.Ever wondered why  the crazy human mind has rarely evolved beyond being genuinely nice?  And why there must be shades of grey in every kind of human relationship?  I believe most of it comes from self defense – the kind of defense that links to the way one feels that they might be walked over, and hence must do a plot or a con in self defense, often in the name of ‘survival’.

I think that is an excuse.

And we need to requestion about what is real ‘survial’.

‘Survival’ actually really means to allow what is good for us to prevail. Great minds and ideas to flourish. Not there because of certain hidden interest.

Societal problems, like different kinds of discrimination, has never really eluded us. Most of the time, it has been haunting us. Kingdoms have formed and take over the weaker races / dynasties to create a variety of social classes. Its how one forms power. It has always been happening and I’m afraid it will continue to happen. In the many books I’ve come across, people do take sides. And often at a discriminative account. History has never been really fair in making 100% truthful accounts.Then again, history is written by us — human beings.

For as long as the idea comes from a human being, I supposed it will not be 100% fair. It’ll most likely be from Plant C (Complexity) where simple issues would be wired from one to another; into several volumes of history, rarely wanting to look just simple and clear.Which really would be the ultimate form of sustainable survival. Agree?

PS: CHANGE is actually about facing  reality. To deliver the truth and admit flaws would be the real guarantee for the future.


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