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Prime and Prejudice August 4, 2010

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, life challenges.
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Discrimination has always been existing for centuries. It has never really disappeared despite the years of campaigning and it will probably never be totally eradicated as long as we have this idea to differentiate ourselves from the pack. Being ‘prime’ has a kind of thinking that we are always better than the rest adds to the prejudice equation. Think about it, almost everywhere there are preferences over one group of people from another. Various kinds of discrimination have also been around. Where there is a dominant race, there is usually a feel of inferiority felt by other minorities. The larger population usually overpowers.

Even within people, people tend to group and have peers. Not that we cannot have cliques. We do need private space of our own. But the real problem arises when one starts to use class/family/group/associations/et cetra to classify and oust out people who are out because they are different. Be it personal preference/national preference/international preference, I always think that as long as we have any of such preferences, we’ll never really break the visicious cycle of inequality. When prejudice sets in, people are usually blind about the potential dangers of disharmony that may arise from such forms of discrimination. People tend to take in information that soothes their senses and ignore / discard the other noise about the intrinsic risks from forming classes. That is often the poison to good living and a real obstacle in keeping prosperity. It is simply unsustainable when people start to form enclaves. In fact it is dangerous.

Per chance we need to ask ourselves, how much discrimination we have been practicising daily: when something looks different to ours; when we do not like the intimidation of others; or when it looks like our status or interests are threatened. The social ostracisation to name the odd one out as ‘others’ would always be in existence as long as we fail to make radical changes about how we view other fellows who are different from us.

But life has its strange ways of handling such unfairness. So as long as you work honestly with a passion; somewhat the prejudice will gradually disappear in appearence. The answer to this kind of problem? Adaptation and perseverence. But the pending price for tolerating such inequality itself is unhealthy. It forms another form of distrust and encourages the defending party to form their own class too. So why should we allow it? — Karen Fu


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