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Courage, energy & pure spirit of the Singapore 2010 Youth Games – August 26, 2010

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The closing ceremony for the first Youth Olmpics Games ends tonight in Singapore but so far I am impressed by the sportsmanship of these teenagers and their superior skills at various sports. Prior to the event, I must honestly admit that I had thought it would be just kids’ fun and giggles. But it ended up to be much more than that. We have kept comparing it with the grandeur style of the Beijing Olympics forgetting that this is the very first Olympics of these 14-18 year old teenagers. It is a completely different kind of spirit and it may well be the kind of gutsy and fresh energised spirit that we may all benefit from. Girls Football Finals at Jalan Besar Sports Stadium was an event that I had thought it was not going to be at least interesting. But I was proven wrong. It turned out to be one of the most fantastic finals that I had enjoyed immensely. They may be shorter and smaller in build compared to full grown adults or even when you compare them with the boys; but they are individual skills of playing with the ball before sending it to the goal posts was far powerful than the superficially perceived. Most events had a lot of locals cheering for other teams though our own teams may had lost or were not in the finals. The friendship bonded during these events had been more than heartwarming and encouraging; they were collectively an event that makes adults like us think about relationships around the world. Everyday should ideally be like it – friendship, bond and support.

Teens have their own style, visions and hopes that we adults must learn from ( and they are qualities that we have gradually forgotten as we grow older as well) – and that is the courage, energy and pure free spirit to be willing to accept change and to change positively.

More later.


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