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Northampton Robbery Foiled by Super Samaritan – Act of Bravery or Foolishness – Social Justice & being positive February 11, 2011

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This probably doesn’t ring much but I think it’s worth to pin it up here. But if you would start to think how many people actually really fight for social justice, then this grandmother is worth the talk. The social media plattform never fails to surprise me, and let truth be told, I prefer news off from the common people from every walk of life than hired journalists. In any case, I love the granny’s bravery.  In times like this when most people only care about what’s going in for them, there are people whose sense of social justice never wane in under any situation, age or time.If everyone were to have bear at least a clear conscience of what is right and wrong, I bet you that we will have, at the bare minimum, far less street crimes. If we were to extend this moral uprighteouness to work in every profession, I bet you again that we will have less legal disputes and far better productivity. Moral ethics in the highest integrity is always fundamental to peace. If people were fair and don’t play shades of grey, I believe that we will not have revenges, wars, fights of any kind. People resort to fights because they feel they are grossly ill-treated and most of such unfairness stems out from grey beliefs that usually disregard other sensitive factors in the process. If you treat people nice, and you confront them fairly, people usually will retreat or at least be refrained from further attacks. Who knows these so-called enemies may someday become your allies.

On another point about the video, I think the robbers weren’t exactly mean people. I’ve noticed that they didn’t retaliate against the old lady and chose to escape instead. I suppose if this were to happen somewhere else, that lady may have been bashed to death. People resort to petty crime or theft for many reasons. It could be the lack of job opportunities or unfair treatment that leave them no choice but to resort to crime. But I also believe they lack creativity and resourcefulness to make their lives better and to resort to crime is pretty silly business. Thinking positive in hard times can be difficult. Take a few steps back, inhale deeply & rethink when you are unstressed. Then you’ll realise that the problems aren’t that difficult to solve.

The Northamption robbery reminds me of my very own personal experience with robbers and with people who are as nice as the old lady. I like the British people for many reasons. They may not have the warmest smile or the best casual pat on the back; but they are definitely friends for life when they do. And often, British people, especially those who are staying off the capital & the urban citiy areas, have very keen eye when it comes to one’s character. They often judge people very accurately.  — Karen Fu


1. BBC news on this story

2. ABC news on Northampton Grandmother


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