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‘The Human Religion is Love’ Teresa Hsu’s 100 years of Simple Love beats Pretentious Theories. March 5, 2011

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(A) “The Human Religion is Love’

Simply said and dutifully followed excellently for the past 100 years.

All her siblings are all deceased except her. Listen to what she says and notice how she says & you’ll easily notice her lucid clarity shows no sign of slowing down at her ripe age of 113. She offers not only the art of longevity but she gives priceless insights of great life by first being pure-hearted. I love it!

She feels uneasy when she is better off than the poor. And thus joins one of the them to feel for them, as she believes that it is not good to enjoy in the face of the poor. As long as she is alive, she makes sure that no one goes hungry.

Teresa Hsu (XuZhe) at 113 gives all in a simple notion ‘Love’  Noting more, nothing less. She bears no anger, no hatred, no sense of revenge. I feel she has understood the truest notion of what life is and how to value add people’s life by eliminating hunger and offering a great sense of sharing.By constantly asking what she could do every day to make sure that no one goes hungry, she keeps a simple life routine that focuses her time to value add others.  I wish that politicians and all leaders alike could do that. In fact, we should all aim towards this goal. It is a pure shame that people tend to be greedy over trivial things that waste time when the same amount of time could be use to share and give.And it is more than shame to manipulate people for selfish goals. But as life would have it, there would be precious  lessons like this one that keeps humanity going. TED Singapore has interviewed her and I wish far more people could read her:

(B) Poverty and the Poor

The majority of the world population is poor. There is no great policy in the world that has totally eradicated poverty and hunger. This is an important root problem to social unrest. Everyday I see all kinds of people. People who have all the luxury in the world & yet feel they need to exploit it all.

While economists, politicians, financiers etc romp around in complex policies about how to chop down poverty and hunger in a mess; she offers us a simple yet great formula of sharing, giving and love as a simple yet viable solution— the love of making sure that as long as she is alive, she will share her bowl of rice; making sure that ‘no one eats grass’. It may sound ‘simplistic’, and to some it may even sound laughable and childish. But its underlying concept of showing sheer empathy and earnesty to give, share and help goes way further than pretentious policies/ theories. If everyone were like her, we would be living in a chaos-free life. We won’t need to waste time and resources that often takes a merry go round around a problem. We could save our resources for enjoying a life of peace.

Looking at her great health and her vitality, I cannot help to think that her youth with an intelligent sense of humour is her reward from nature.  Her daily routine of  helping an average of 20 needy people everyday by moving around visiting underpriviledged elderly who are ironically much younger than her is impressive. Her voice is steady and her thoughts are impeccably sharp.

She mentions about her own hunger and uses that as her mantra in life: ‘grass didn’t satisfy my hunger though it satisfy my thought of hunger’ and thus ‘no one has to eat grass’ as long as she is alive. She will save her rice bowl for others. And when they are both equally hungry, they will share the bowl of rice. If she isn’t hungry, she would give all her rice.

(C) Life

Rather laugh than to cry in the face of adversity. Try the best you can and accept the rest. Know no anger can be hard, but try the best to smile as you work your way out. For anger, sadness dries your energy. Being mean sucks your life up. Look at her vitality and great health, I cannot help but to feel consoled that being nice and honest offers you at least sanity, sharp clarity and impeccable logic that are vital to sane and sustainable living. Her mark of clarity and simplicity is like no other. I have heard that she forgave those who mistreated her. Such sense of magnamity is rare in today’s world where people could choose to inflict harm to even to the most harmless of peoples.


While there are injustices around, rest assured that life has its natural ways of giving the transquility and smooth flow within one’s body to keep it healthy. Health is the most important factor to happiness. One may rich and powerful, but if the lack of kindness, and sheer honest integrity and love for human kind gives one the lack of trust that keeps the mind sane. Throughout history, there are boundless cases of insane people who opted a complicated life full of treachery. Why should we repeat the ills our predecesors hath done?

(D) Everyone’s a Family.

Everyone’s a family. And that very family is our planet earth. If we do what she does, would we need to demonstrate, yell the heads off for peace; trying every policy to rid off hunger and poverty? Food is precious. Time is precious. Her sense of living is simple but effective. It does good to the individual and to a world where food supply is lacking and diseases mutating. Physical and mental workout in her way may not befit any commerical sense. But try recalling a couple of very wealthy people whose health is on the line yet still thinking of scrapping every consumer dry.


By the end of the day, the person who gives gains more. The person who tries all uncanny ways to reap for their own need dwindles. Nature doesn’t work in the formula where people chooses to ‘eat’ one another up. Nature works in harmony only when one understands what simple ‘love’ is.

I always pity that she has not married, not honored beyond what she has been given. Perhaps it is the fact that she is simple that prestigious Universities and colleges choose to ignore her. Or that she lacks the ability to do profound findings. But I earnestly feel she has made one solid point: she used all that she have, and she genuinely uses her knowledge to do good. Not that she pretends to be good, she really means and does good. With such great sense of humor coupled with a big sense of wisdom, she shows her intelligence of words and fine layman psychology to understand people. Her words know no ridiculous, superfluous jargon. Simple, luicid, straight to the point; she delievers far more than a crazy looking thesis that is trying to smart. Thus beats different types of #$! theories that don’t work for the masses.

When solutions fail for the masses, riots and unreats will appear. The many reasons why we have all the rubbish. One of those is because we prefer to differentiate from one another and always on the greed-go to get more when one has already got more than enough.

Teresa Hsu is damn cool. She may not be wearing the funkiest street wear or any designer brand dresses and make up; but she gets her sense of beauty by being a true woman of substance. Her knowledge weighs ahead of anyone with a degree because she practices what she preaches. Shame those men who didn’t marry her. If I were a man, I would!

— Karen Fu

Further Reference:

1. Snappy Shots  on Her Idea of Life


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