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Results – a new era has begun – Singapore elections 2011. May 7, 2011

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The results of the Singapore Election 2011 are all out. Most of the results are generally expected. I think its worth the time to look at certain areas. Overall, the PAP has experienced a drop in their votes. The main reason, as I suspect the Prime Minister has realised during the election, is the lack of communication between the incumbent party and the people.  BG Yeo and Mr Lim Swee Say have made some thoughts about their flaw in loosing touch with the people.All have reiterated that they know the people are not pleased with a lot of the recent policies and are willing to hear the people out soon after the election.

[A] The use of social media

Nonetheless, the power of social media cannot be underestimated as an effective tool for communication. Though it cannot replace the actual bond with the people, the virtual tool to link with the people does deliver a powerful impact. In this election, the Worker’s party has effectively utilized their channels very well through consistency. They’ve used a very powerful virtual delivery of their aim–and their ‘A’ team has done what they aim to achieve— the people’s support. The PAP used the social media late & somewhat not as successful; but nonetheless in their own way through the Prime Minister in his recent communication with the people through Facebook. I feel that has somewhat gave a positive impact in PAP’s favour. I think the PAP will certainly review and revamp in some big ways to ensure they will recover the lost votes in this election by the next election.

Having a genuinely strong ability is one, having soft tools like the social media is another. From this election, besides learning a lot about the candidates, the agenda, as well as how our future would be heading with a changed political awareness, a probably new political environment may well be underway. I hope it will be a constructive exchange of ideas in the parliament. Often, a renewed motivation spurs on better ideas and work when one has a highly competitive opponent on the bench. This will yield higher standards.

[B] Earnesty pays

I am somewhat dismayed about Nicole Seah’s lost though I had expected her to loose because of her lack of experience and that she was facing the Senior Minister with a team that was lacklustre. She has put up a tough fight and I think she did very well leading her team in the Marine Parade GRC against Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong by garnering around 43% of the votes. She should be highly commended for her bravery, her earnesty and her hard work And not forget her tears. I think all that paid through. I wonder if she could be a NCMP (Non-Constituency Members of Parliament). For a 24 year old first timer in politics, this is excellent result on her part. She should be happy in this respect and I believe that many Singaporeans would love to hear her views in parliament, if she is given a chance to.

[C] SPP’s lost in both wards.

Singapore People’s Party’s lost wasn’t totally unexpected.  I have been thinking about their candidates and their performance so far and I had doubted people would take them back for a few good reasons — mainly the lack of strong leadership. Mr Chiam See Tong has extreme tenacity but he didn’t show himself as someone who was able to lead the party in unison. To add on to the woes, he was clearly physically unwell. His GRC team mates are also not seen as strong contenders who could assist him in his leadership. So although he was in a GRC, they didn’t win. But I had second thoughts that people would vote him in on a thin margin, as he has been really tough in carrying on throughout the tedious campaigning despite his clear physical weakness. Clearly in the end, it didn’t pay off.

[D] The Power to Communicate

This election is really about communication — the kind that spells care, concern apart from cleverness. I think PM Lee has won on a comfortable margin in his personal attempt by winning about 70% of the votes. In general, I think he was sincere in his apology.  So was Mr Wong Kan Seng, who has delivered a modest message by thanking even those who didn’t vote for him and pledges to serve them well too. These are powerful statements. Though till now, I am not too happy about the Mas Salamat case, it somewhat soften the whole scenario. The power of communication is definitely a wonder. It may be a soft tool but it is certainly the most important.

The most successful in using the media and motivating the people to run against the grain is still the Worker’s Party. I have not seen anything like it before in my life so far. They’ve used patriotism to move the crowds in powerful tones, using the national pledge as part of their forte. All these contributed their win, which I feel came mainly from their understanding of people’s needs and emotions.

[E] Conclusiion

Actually the opposition parties have not done too badly. In fact, they should see this as a big step forward.  Like what BG Yeo has said, ‘ a new era has begun’. Whatever happens, we are all Singaporeans. And for that very matter, we should stand united and move forward to serve our country with pride in every way we can – both leaders & people, hand in hand. That’s constructive communication at its finest. Time to pop into bed. I think I am going to be late again. *sigh*  — Karen Fu


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1. John783 - May 10, 2011

Very nice site!

2. Karen - May 13, 2011

linking Anitha Nayar – May 9, 2011’s comments over here: https://daringtochange.wordpress.com/comments/#comment-2430

3. Karen - May 13, 2011

thanks John for the comment. Hope the site has been at least useful. Cheers!

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