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Waiting for the results – Singapore Election 2011 May 7, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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Am following the developments on the TV. The move to using social media where it has given all an almost equal leverage to promote their cause online. This playing field has given an added advantage especially for the opposition party where their resources may be far more restricted.

It isn’t a bad thing that the PAP knows how the people think through the election and has made an apology. I thought it was a wise move though it was late. But perhaps it was till then that it was clear that something was off and that something should be done. Eventually they will still return to power. What I think they would have to do is a major overhaul of the policies and the system they have been running, especially true where communication with the people is concerned. It shouldn’t be solely focused on the young though –it should be looking at all the different stratas of people in the society. The clear unhappiness stems from the lack of ground work understanding of what many of the people have been going through.

Base on what has happen during the last 10 days, it is clear that not all the seats will go back to the ruling party. I expect a good number of ‘tip-overs’ in the east and west areas of the country, where the opposition party candidates are far more superior. As to tipping over to which party, it will be up to the voters to decide; but I think at least 2-3 constituencies in the east and north east have a strong chance of falling towards the opposition parties.

The election results will show us lessons that all of us should learn from. And in any case, the voice of the people matters. I still prefer Teresa Hsu’s idea that to connect with the people, you need to live like them, or at the very least be able to see and experience how they live their lives. The idea of ‘connecting’ with the people has little to do with merely mixing amongst them. It really means we talk to them, listen to them and take a real feel of their thoughts and feelings from the way they live. Being empathetic means we walk in their shoes. People know whom they are talking, whether they are genuinely being heard or not. And that will be the set impression.

The nature of the problem is not a simple one to do a major revolution because the damage is already sunk in. I think we need to source capable people to replace the existing ones who cannot do the job. Design a system that allows effective interlinks with the people at the top and make good time for these communication will pay handsomely.

Whatever happens, I hope the politicians will unite to solve the loopholes in a seemingly good system. And solve that particular few really no good ones out. I believe we have many more people who are patriotic and willing to come up and serve the nation. We’ve heard the roars and we’ve seen how many people actually attending rallies have risen by bounds. All these are telling signs that a country of very docile people have come to mind to see what is going wrong. If this level of comminication is ignored, the consequences may be dire. But at the very least, what is positive from this election is that people are far more united as a nation and that we are no longer that politically apathetic nation. This is a great leap forward in forming a first world nation. There is still room to grow, but I believe this is a healthy and progressive move that benefits both the ruling and the opposition parties as well. — Karen Fu


1. Immanuel John - May 7, 2011

40 % of Singapore are sandbars through reclaimation programmes and unless you walk upright you may be vulnerable to a tsunami hit

Karen - May 7, 2011

thanks Immanuel.
What you’ve said is true. What is short of a Tsunami is that we lack the water volume to form one. But what we can say is if anyone’s crooked, the landfilled part could sink..

Thanks for dropping by, would be great to know who you really are.

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