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A New Era Has Begun: PM Lee announces new Cabinet lineup May 18, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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[picture via straitstimes.com]

I can’t tell you all how happy I am about the new line up ! Hope this new change will spell a new start and that version 2 of nation building begins. I like the fact that there will be constant review of ministers and that will mean keeping a close monitor on progress. But I feel that the change of people should be also linked to the civil servants too.One of the main reasons for the miscommunication and the detachment of government & people may well be because there are civil servants who have not done their duties well. While we ensure the progress and work of ministers, I feel that the quality of their subordinates and many others who are below them, is just as important. The system is imperfect, and in some areas not good at all. But this election has done a great cause. It has basically enabled tough decisions to be ironed out fast.

Coming back to the new line up of ministers, it is obvious that the voice of the people are heard loud and clear; and that action has been taken almost immediately. It is a first move but I can feel that this is good move though we have yet to see more of its impact. It does appear that the PM has seriously looked into those open letters online too. There are a few others that are not done yet and I don’t expect those to be done easily.  It is a very wise move from the PM and the resolute move to take out ministers that the people do not like out. PM Lee is well-known to do what he has promised; and I can trust that the matters laid on the board will be seen. What I have noticed too that the transportation service has already taken effect. It is only wise to take these actions quickly and I think that they will look into other views of them seriously.

I have also been reading comments online and I have come to think hard. Though many bloggers appear to write in annoyanmously — some with oddball names; and for one particular instance: an egg shell face with a crazy looking smile that is indescribably painful looking. My take is that it is best to put some kind of identity to the blogs that are meant to be important. It shows credibility and trust of the site and to people who are reading them. Anyway, there are many who are worried about the future that lies ahead. And  I am of no exception.  The various problems in our society is not a simple one admidst a world that is constantly changing and with different problems emerging. But when I start to see alternatives, I too question about the pending problems. The ruling party is going to have a lot of issues to juggle with, apart from a new slate of opposition party members in.I can see a lot of nit picking & in some areas, probably a couple of storms in a few teacups ahead. Whatever happens, I hope both parties–ruling&opposition– in parliament will keep in mind that apart from the politics of slicing, thrashing and karate-ing; the most important is to win peoples’ hearts by sheer devotion into peoples’ needs. I wouldn’t like to see shouts, arguments, and ideas that do not work in the end. It may sound crazy to put this up but I think politics is great when it is demure (if that is possible), and that it is not an eye-popping session of ripping one another apart. ( I don’t know why I write this, but somehow it just has to be written down ?!) Maybe it’s because I have read and seen debates all the time on research and speeches. But hopefully all will be well. Cheers! — Karen Fu


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