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Epic Pic Of Singapore Politics via Facebook – United for the common good of Singapore May 22, 2011

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I was looking at the picture. And along with many others on Facebook, I too feel that this is one fine photo. I have asked if I could kindly use the picture directly here. I doubt it though.  I’ve shared it on my facebook page and I guess for now, I can only use a this tiny print screen picture off my wall. It features both the opposition and ruling party members, notably with our first Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew, standing together in the most casual and candid way one could ever imagine. Especially true after the heated debates and rallies that at least made me thought that the hammers and thunders were rocking the skies. Storms may come, but every after a heavy rain with that bit of sunshine comes the brilliant rainbow. And I sure hope that the beginning of this new chapter of Singapore politics will change and perfect itself with the introduction of 6 formidable opposition members. May the roar of the lion echoes its way beyond the horizon and resonates throughout the clear blue skies; where even the skies are not the limit, for peace, progress and happiness for this nation!

Here’s a tiny little weeny pic for your glimpse here. But if you cannot keep your curosity like I have done, then please either login to your facebook accounts or snoop your way to this link under ‘Pritam Singh’s Photos – Cabinet Swearing In’ . I think the picture will go to the papers anyway in due course. It’s too good to miss !  – Karen Fu


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