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Sleepless in Singapore – voting in our nation’s progress (Singapore’s Presidential Election 2011) August 26, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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Long time no post…and here I am, back at my own blog doing some thinking as I write.  Have been digging it all through and decided to return to facebook to see the latest developments of the 4 candidates. It’s pretty much a difficult vote tomorrow, and I ask myself how I should vote. The president, or indeed any other political figure, has to instill a strong social-ethical mandate for the people and be a service to all deserving citizens of the country.  We are living in an economic turbulent time when the world’s economy is in an unstable form with all kinds of ethical issues needed to be requestioned. I am not against modern technology. Nor do I oppose commerce and capitalism itself. But I do worry about the way things work. And we appear to be following the negative trends that will lead to an unsustainable life. We have created a lot more waste than we realise and I often think its the shades of grey and the lack of voice for the commoners alike that marks some of these problems.

I had thought this election would be easy. And why not? For the past 46 years of independence, we citizens of this tiny dot had found voting the president a walk-over. Not  until the first elected president was voted in some 18 years ago that we started to see some contest. But the real heat is only on today, when the political environment has changed.Ever since the recent General Election that was done just 3 months ago, the entire political climate has altered. And I think it’s healthy for many more have stood up and question about the way things have been done.  For some, its a call for new grounds. For a few, it can be a pain that is hard to swallow. But I feel it may well be a healthy lesson to be learnt for all. Whatever it is, the coming president will be one that will genuinely start a new era; and I get the feeling that people will more likely to rule over money and cents if I have not mistaken the results from polls, comments and rounds of rallies. Since Friday is a cooling day before polling day, I have been sitting before the internet studying whom to pick. I have easily eliminated 2 without much thought. But the final 2, its a struggle. Which ‘Tan’ should I pick ?

Clearly, many people are flared up with some policies. Many more people are far more aware of what this world is getting to be like — over materialistic & in some cases getting pretty callous on human issues. The world over, for that very matter, appears to suffer from this rising phenomenon. On this tiny dot, where people could be extremely docile, many are beginning to figure out that we need modifications to our existing system to make it better by removing certain flaws — one of which pertains to the existing changing societal trends that may not be good for all. We are one of the safest countries in the world to live in; but we cannot risk the comfort and the peace to pending problems that may arise from complacency. Neither can we ignore the minority of Singapore citizens (or even to a large percentage of the general population), who are marginalised by the pragmatic culture of material advancement without a true sense of understanding how they feel. Everyone has a heart and a mind. Everyone wants to progress and definitely does not like the idea of being left behind or being unheard. It’s just a perfect sense of thought that people would think this way when certain ideas just run over without much consensus from all the peoples in the country. Our basis for peace and prosperity has always been based on equality and tolerance and a respect for cultures and things alike. When this social equilibrium is disturbed by unforseen circumstances, we should have someone of top authority to speak up for us in our light.

The President of Singapore may not be able to execute the exact same powers like that of the President in the United States. Perhaps that should change. Tentatively, this prospective president must have the integrity to go against the tide if necessary, and must understand the different social problems experienced by all people from all walks of life; not merely monetary matters. Money does make the world spin. But money cannot buy everything. At least, we need a soul power to keep the peace, happiness and these will generate prosperity. Our national aim should be to create a unwavering first class, first world nation that everyone anywhere will come to respect and envy. I wouldn’t want a nation to be rich to only some groups of people; & yet laden with latent problems of any kind of unrest or social distaste that stems out from the have’s and have not’s.  Hopefully tomorrow will be an excellent day where a new president will send a signal of positive change where the hearts will fill and the minds refreshed. We need a social mindset change. That kind of  change which will invigorate creativity, innovation that will spur this tiny dot into greater space. And I am sincerely looking forward to that moment of victory.  As I write to this point, I know whom to pencil in my ‘X’ in the polls tomorrow. — Karen Fu


1. Cheese Pie - August 29, 2011

Cheese Pie says:- DTT scraped in with a shockingly thin margin at 0.34% ahead of TCB. I interpret this as a further collapse of the approval margin for the PAPists from 20% in the recent GE2007 (60% ayes less 40% nays = 20% margin) to 0.34%. One third of a percentage point less and the PAPist candidate would have LOST. As it is, DTT confronts the reality that 65% of Singaporeans REJECTED him as president. This is very very bad for the PAPists in terms of their branding and name value. If I were the PM I would host a corporate retreat for the Party faithfuls to engage in serious soul-searching as to WHY the popularity ratings of the Party has collapsed so precipitiously under the present Leadership. Failure to address the many issues that have caused this implosion of approval ratings would mean that the PAPists would be in for a serious pasting in GE2016. In any other normal country with a functioning multi-partite democracy, the present Permier would have been ousted if he delivers firstly the Party’s historic low approval margin of 20% at a General Election followed by a razor-thin photo-finish of 0.34% margin for the Party-approved candidate at a Presidential Election. The lack of true intra-Party democracy means that there is no accountability, thus perpetuating the rulership of the inefficient/incapable/politically-inept. This institutionalized and internal failure of Leadership renewal augurs very dangerously for the ruling PAPists. Before the End, there is the whiff of decadence and senescence.

2. Karen Fu - August 29, 2011

Cheese Pie: thanks for your immaculate comment on my post. I was thinking along smiliar lines when I was reading the results. The incumbent party has lost a huge majority of its supporters. How would the next 6 years be would not be too difficult to figure out. In short they have to revise and readjust their way of governance, their policies and the way they view success.The Presidential election is a clearer showcase of the political situation here. But most importantly, people here are more united as a country. The spirit of loyalty, sense of belongingness has greatly increased. The maturity that comes from it all in a very intellectual and civilised way makes me proud to be a Singaporean. I have come across many who are clearly disppointed with the results but respect the decision. nonetheless. No one whom I know of has harboured any form of negative thoughts. What makes me really proud is that all of them place the country before self. Not an easy feat to achieve especially for a tiny country that has no huge resources and political might like some of the large countries do. What we all should be really smiling is that the country is alive with a strong spirit. [Consider a raise in the value of our Singapore passport!] Best wishes and thanks for dropping by!

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