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Waiting for the final moment (Singapore Presidential Election 2011) August 27, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in Singapore.
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I am still all ears and eyes on the internet, the TV and even the radio like my family members and neighbours here. For the past decades, no presidential election is like this one, which requires recounts to make a final mark. It signals an evolutional change for the country, her people and system of governance. Instantly, the social environment has changed into a far more engaging and patriotic atmosphere that this country is coming to be. Singaporeans everywhere here and abroad are using their social media tools, following up closely to every bit of news at home. It wasn’t this way when I was a child. Not even this much when I was at college. And for this very matter, I feel heart-warmed.

During the process, I have come to witness how the *4 candidates make their stand. Of those, I really put my head up to Mr Tan Jee Say. Honestly, I have always forgotten his name up until the past 2 weeks. He’s got guts and the character to keep it up despite some strong opposition against him in which some areas can be really visible. That prompted me to read more about him, who is coming from a modest background with no big backing from the so-called powerful, apart from the many supporters running against the common grain of the incumbent powerful political party. I salute him for his courage to stand up to what he believes in; though I know he would not stand to win this current election because of 1 main reason: it will be difficult for him to make a collaboration with the running government and that is not good for all of us here. For a country to run smoothly, the president must be in consensus with the government to work as team. He didn’t give that impression. Nonetheless, I am proud of what who he is. He definitely will make his supporters proud despite his lost.

I always liken the fact that the new president to have tact with the pragmatics; and the wisdom to look after all the people in different classes. I have thought through carefully yesterday that I shall pick one who gives his heart and time, effort and soul to his people. I always have this belief that a person, who understands life physically and metaphysically, will do whatever is right for the people and will serve the people. Especially when he has genuinely done the acts of serving the underprivileged class; and personally gave his time, his life and skills directly. This is sure hall mark of a fine president.

All the 4 candidates are strong contenders for the top post. Most of my prediction has come true with one missing puzzle of who is the chosen President. I have expected a tiny margin but I don’t know who will be in. I certainly hope my choice gets in. I am also mentally prepared if my choice doesn’t come in. In any case, work continues in the positive light of value-adding human lives in any form that my modest skills could do. I wish I could do more. In areas that I can’t, I will assist those who can. Thats about the best I can do for now. And I hope more will come in as one people to serve for the betterment of deserving Singaporeans who are good citizens of this country.— Karen Fu


* 4 candidates:

Dr Tony Tan: http://www.tonytan.sg/

Dr Tan Cheng Bock: http://www.tanchengbock.org/

Mr Tan Kin Lian: http://tankinlian.blogspot.com/

Mr Tan Jee Say: http://www.tanjeesay.com/


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