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‘You’ve Been Nominated to join the Blog Award’ & I’ve Missed Reading My Email! October 17, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in Singapore.
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Dear blogger, You have been nominated by ….  to join the Singapore Blog Awards 2011, because … thinks that your blog has the x-factor. The Singapore Blog Awards, organised by Singapore’s leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, …, has been giving recognition to outstanding blogs in Singapore since 2008. Other than the widespread publicity and recognition that comes with winning the prestigious award, the winners in the 10 main award categories will walk away with a total of ……. (snipped) ‘

(Nominator’s identity, whose blog I’ve just realised was named one of the best,  is hidden; as I haven’t asked him if I could disclose his identity.)

Nevermind the prize/ the trophy designed by the cultural icon, I think this first paragraph of the email is good enough to make me jump. I am 5 months late. Well I tried logging into the system but since it was so badly overdued, I couldn’t do anything. Well, who asked me to have forgotten to read this InBox. I’ve just emailed a very late thank you note to the nominator. He replied in a encouraging way almost immediately. I supposed some people do read my stuff. I have, also within the next fleeting 10 minutes, discovered I had also missed a Photo commendation and a deadline wrongly read, just because I never really manage my online tasks properly.  A couple of weeks ago, I submitted an online Photography contest before  realising the deadline. I slapped my forehead when I did, but I had thought I didn’t see it on the real physical site.  The organizer nonetheless commended on the work.  All these should have sat me up.  I do all my online stuff in pockets of spare time and I type at one go. So I get pockets of shock now.  Sometimes I typo too over Twitter etc, that I kept trying to correct them site after site as it autosends everything.  Naturally when time is short, you can’t do it. So I try to make sure the typos are corrected on the main pages where people usually read. I hurriedly submitted another poetry contest several weeks ago. As I was rushing off then, I thought the identification number would suffice since the system would check it all. Most of the systems here do it anyway. Then I realised that it was not enough. But I got commended later too. What else have I missed in other Inboxes, I have yet to see.  For now, I have to run off.

Fun way to have a day before the next half of the day. I suppose no one’s like me alright! — Karen Fu


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