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Steve Jobs 1955-2011 – belated eulogy on life design January 4, 2012

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He was more than able to design his products and services. We all know his power to transform the world in the way we live and the way we interact with one another in life. But he failed to design his own life. This video, which I got it via Majid on facebook, was to me a reminder of how we should live our lives.

The world is what and how you view and make it. Steve Jobs is  a solid lesson for us. At the same time, his life told us to stay put and spare time for our loved ones because it doesn’t pay to put 110% in your career all the time. To me, he paid his life like 1100% on his career that was ultimately took his life away. He is a legend. We admire for his dedication for the Mac, iPads, iPhones, iPods and his staunch determination to be the forefront of technology.  But he could have spared some bit more time for his wife, his kids and simply for himself.

To me, that’s tragedy, though it didn’t come in as any kind of surprise for the way he worked was going to shorten his life.

When I read the news on twitter last October, I was shocked though I was somewhat expecting his death due to the way he devoted his life at work. It was a very sad moment for a genius had gone. Surely his sense for words for his rivals are very different from his tone for the masses. I guess that is the way to survive in the real world, for that I don’t exactly seem to fully understand why we should be at loggerheads so many times.

Then again, this wasn’t the ordinary person by any means. He is a lengendary innovator, someone who had put his soul into his work and had risen from a disadvantaged class to the top. My first encounter with Apple was not a pleasant one. As a Singaporean, I would have first defend a local product before a foreign one. But he made me stand up straight before his products that shine through nothing short of exemplary.

My first purchase was a 3rd Generation iPod touch. I had bought it because I found my PDA was not working properly and I wanted something that had a touch screen. I lost it after about 2 years’ of use. At that point of time, I realised how much my iPod touch has twinned into my life. The schedules and notes I’ve made and the little ditty stuff that I put into my iPod. It was literary my life twinned into it. I was upset. I do not agree that much with the battery life as being a green technology as it is way too short-lived especially for the iPhone. But I do agree with the material use and all. The software architecture is brilliant and so is the concept of apps in his definition. I think what really hit me hard was that I see  him as a hard fighter. I do not think that being born to an unwed couple and then raised by adopted parents was a pleasant process. The growing pains and struggle must have been there at some point. To start an enterprise and to have left it due to business politics is another. Certainly with his tough determination, he returned and knocked all the walls down to build what Apple is today. I have also noted the kind of people he hires, of whom many have modest upbringing but are outstanding in their own merit. Innovativeness can only come from minds that are big and receptive, and tougher than all the obstacles in the universe that is out there; with the keen eye for detail and an industrious mind that works for as long as your breath takes you.

Steve Jobs has done it to his last breath. That is the kind of character that I admire. I think perhaps in the business world, you’ve got to be aggressive because you’ve got an array of different people out there to handle and get things done. However, as far as innovation goes, this guy has huge lessons we all need taking in: ‘You need to learn how to fight and to suffer. Together with your wits, humour and determintation; and a creative gift of wonder before you can shine’.  I salute Steve Jobs for all that —- A legendary Innovator, A Voice for Change.

May he rest in peace and that his legend continues. — Karen Fu


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