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February 24, 2012

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, China, Economy, USA.
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It is destined that China will rule in many areas, if not most areas.


Realism as S’pore ‘warns’ US

Behind The Headlines By Bunn Nagara

The city state has begun to adjust to emerging regional realities while pivoting on its pragmatic impulses, as always, while steering a steady course between China and the US.SINGAPORE’S political positions are nothing if not coolly calculated and calibrated. They are specially so when expressed in formal statements at high-level meetings.

In Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam’s keynote address to the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) gathering in Washington recently, US media reported him as “warning” the US against China-bashing rhetoric.

Words about containing China, particularly in the populist mood of a US election year, would he said cause a “new and intended reality for the region.” It was not the first time Shanmugam had said so, having previously cautioned against the futility of containing a rising China.

However, these statements do mark a shift from previous…

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1. rightways - February 25, 2012

China’s rise is unstoppable.

Are you an IA?


2. Karen - February 25, 2012

May I know what does your IA stands for?…..

Singapore may be small but that doesn’t imply she cannot voice opinions. Shanmugam said in an earnest and modest tone. Its hard to please all. One must make a stand.

3. rightways - February 25, 2012

IA stands for Interior Architect. I hope to renovate my house.

Singapore allies to US, dare to make her stand loud and clear, reflects courageous, and friendship among nations.

May I know your nationality, etc?

Karen - February 26, 2012

I was wondering if IA meant Interior architect or information architect or something else. And nope, I’m not an interior architect though I do my own interiors myself. I do industrial design (engineering and aesthetics) I am a local born and raised Singaporean. I can’t exactly tell your nationality. May I know yours? So as long as a country states her stand properly with respect, there is no bearing on the size of the country. Cheers!

4. rightways - February 27, 2012

Nice to know you are an industrial design engineer. Hope to learn from your minphf’s design site

I am a Malaysian. Congrats to Singapore dares to say NO to big brothers!

@Karen_Fu - February 28, 2012

So my initial thoughts were correct. You do appear to come from Malaysia.but I couldn’t just assume so. My minphf design blog isn’t as active as this daringtochange blog. I hope to get rolling soon for everything online. I hope our local authorities here will put a final cut though.

5. rightways - March 10, 2012


I tried to use the NetworkedBlogs provided in your minphf design for Syndication from my another blog at Rightways, http://right-waystan.blogspot.com/ with error messages as follows:

Done! Here’s what new posts will look like on Facebook

1. Looks like the blog feed is not setup correctly.

2. If you are the blog author, please make sure that your feed is properly pulled to NetworkedBlogs. You can do so on the blog profile.

Is this related to as you said : “I hope our local authorities here will put a final cut though”

Rightways Tan at http://right-waystan.blogspot.com/

@Karen_Fu - March 12, 2012

sorry, I don’t quite get you as I didn’t see any page you mentioned. But I know there is something off on networkblogs. I don’t see it on my facebook profile either. Haven’t got the time to check it out clearly though.

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