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February 26, 2012

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, China, education, Singapore.
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The fortunate thing is that The Chinese Embassy here in Singapore does not condone Sun Xu’s doings. Now it is up to the local government to do the final cut. At least, I feel his scholarship should go. At full force, he should leave.



1. The Sun Xu Saga – breach of trust, scholarship and an absence of good upbringing.



Embattled NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu (孙旭) has sought help from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore on Thursday during its weekly reception for PRC students in Singapore, Lianhe Zaobao reported today.

Sun Xu reportedly approached the Chinese Embassy’s Secretary of Education Mr Sun Zhi Ping (孙治平) for help, expressing his regrets over his ‘inappropriate’ remarks. He told the embassy official that he has already removed the offensive comment and apologized to Singaporeans.

He also pleaded for a second chance to ‘start afresh’ and to ‘repay’ Singapore for ‘nurturing’ him all these years. 

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore” on his microblog ‘Weibo’ last Saturday. Currently on attachment with German oilfield service company Schlumberger, Sun Xu is expected to graduate in two…

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1. Absent Singaporean - March 1, 2012

1881年 上海外滩 (今称黄浦公园) ‘ 华人与狗不得入内 ‘ . 这是洋人称华人为狗。

2012年 就读在新加坡中国天才 (孙旭)写到‘新加坡狗比人多’。这是华人称华人是狗。
一个世纪后华人是 ‘狗人一族.


孙旭要是入了西方国籍,定会说 ‘华人狗都不如’




1881 Shanghai outer shore ( Now Whampo Garden ) ‘ Chinese and Dogs are not allowed to enter ‘.
Foreigners calling Chinese Dogs. A century ago Chinese was called Sick Man Of East Asia !!!

2012 Chinese scholar studying in Singapore wrote ‘ More dogs than humans in Singapore ‘.
Chinese calling Chinese Dogs ( Singapore 75 % Chinese ).
One Century later Chinese are called Dog Man Of Southeast Asia !!!

Chinese generation deteriorating !!!! We are becoming more and more ‘Dog ‘.

If Scholar Sun Xu has a western Green card . What will he say ???
I bet he’ll say ‘ Chinese worst off than Dogs ‘

Since ancient times, most country traitors and squanders of wealth , are those who has talent but little integrity.

It is Dog Chinese of Southeast Asia, eg. Tan Kia Kee who independently built and fund China Xia Men University of 16 years. Tan Kia Kee went bankrupt to fund Xia Men University.

Also same Dog Chinese of Southeast Asia, who donated and fund China fight against Japanese Occupation in WWII.

@Karen_Fu - March 1, 2012

感谢你的回想。也很高兴你用中英文来回应。其实孙旭并不聪明。 其一: 他会用狗比人多的比喻,就证明他不仅缺乏逻辑, 也缺乏理智。 其二: 假如他是个天才,二十五岁的成年人, 是不是懂得控制野性,并用很机智的方法化险为夷? 再者,我们看他以‘狗急跳墙’的方式,先在网上躲避,后上中国驻新加坡大使馆去叫救命;再去号召中国同学来帮他。这种行为要不得。

还好,中国大使馆没听他的,且大公无私的让我国政府全权处理。这的意义很重大的。我们新加坡的华人多半是从南方来的。与其他世界华人是一样的,是吃米饭的华人。 我们要苯的话,走不到满天下,更别提什么富裕的生活。海外华侨贡献不小。二十世纪回馈中国的不只是钱,还办学校。 凡是有水的地方,就有华人。而且适应力很强,形成了自己的新文化。 时间急迫,只能暂时写到这里。这话题很重要,我很可能会再添一些感想。

Many thanks to your comments, and I am very pleased that you take the time to do a bilingual reply. Actually Sun Xu isn’t that bright as we first thought he was. 1. if he could use say that dogs are more than people, he clearly hasn’t gotten his basic logic right apart from also loosing his sensibility. Next, if he were gifted, as a 25 year old, isnt it high time that he controls his barbaric actions and instead resort to a far cleverer way of getting himself out of trouble? Moreover, we can see that he is like a dog in panic which jumps over the wall out of sheer desperation.(Chinese Idiom, ‘Gouji Tiaoqiang’). He first shunned away the internet before he went to seek help from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore. Next he went to get his PRC school mates to rally with him. The actions are incorrigible.

Thankfully, the Chinese Embassy didn’t listen to him, and they were very fair to us by giving full autonomy to the local government to make the final decision. This has a very positive meaning to it. We, the Chinese in Singapore, like many other overseas Chinese around the world, come from the southern parts of China with rice as our staple. If we were stupid, we couldn’t roam the world and nevermind trashing out poverty. Overseas Chinese has contributed a lot back to the mainland in the 20th century in terms of money being sent back, as well as setting up schools in China. As a saying, ‘where there is water, you’ll find Chinese’ shows the high adaptability of the Chinese. The emmigrated Chinese form new cultures and adapt to their secondary lands very quickly. Hence the different kinds of Chinese. I wish to write more but I am really pressed for time. But this is an important topic to spend time in and I will most likely to add more later.

2. thetravellinggourmet - March 7, 2012

You are right! Dogs ar man’s best friends anyway. This young gentleman is waht we call in Malay “kurang ajar”.
Please send him back to China where he belongs!

3. Karen - March 7, 2012

@travellinggourmet, thanks for your comment. I think almost everyone here thinks the same. To be blunt, I do not this student to graduate from our university. As a matter of fact, from the extent he has done, I don’t even want him to hold any qualifications that he earns in Singapore. That includes his education certificate from Raffles Institution. He does not deserve a G10 school qualification at all.

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