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Singapore University Of Technology & Design Open House aftermath thoughts – Part 1 March 3, 2012

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If MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) system is not transferred to Singapore, how can Singapore’s SUTD (Singapore University Of Technology and Design) be like MIT when MIT reinvents itself <??>

I simply don’t understand. See highlighted lines in green below, in the quoted news from Channel News Asia. Or maybe I have mis understood it. When 2 colleges share the same transformation, wouldn’t the systems be the same?

On the happy tone, my structure that I did when I was an undergrad was right. I have made some briefs for myself asking social economic contexts as I thought my own course was short of real life scenarios though it did have some for Green Design. Unfortunately, I had no tools like SUTD has to realise them.  I get the feeling my style has been right. On a quick note, I see they have a grossly unfair advantage over many other schools in terms of network. People do buy into MIT’s  reputation and for that alone, SUTD will benefit a huge lot over the other universities in Singapore and beyond. The only down point, however, I feel is that their students do not appear to be as competent from the way I see at the Open House today, which I had specifically planned to attend. I have plenty of curiousity about the school though I do not think I would apply. It’s just a gut feeling about it. What I really didn’t like hearing a reply off one academic staff *** that ‘you can do an undergraduate, but you would be a lot older than the rest.’ It sounded as though they see overaged students as inferior ones from the way he said it. I have never seen age being a problem. I was shocked to hear that after SUTD has emphasized life long learning. That specific lecturer should not have said such a thing to anyone who wants to perfect their knowledge. Apart from that, I enjoyed the Pillar’s talk and intro. It was highly informative and I think the course will grow very well provided a few conditions set. More later.- Karen Fu

Quoted from http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1154056/1/.html:

SUTD appoints US professors as “heads of pillars”
By Qiuyi Tan | Posted: 19 September 2011 1308 hrs

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s fourth university, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has appointed two US professors to head two of its pillars — or focus areas — of study.

They are Professors Kristin Wood and Saif Benjaafar.

After 20 years at the University of Texas, Professor Kristin Wood will head SUTD’s Engineering Product Development pillar.

Prof Wood will focus on the design of high tech products with a hands-on approach to learning.

“We’re going to have classrooms where we have cohorts of students not learning in traditional lecture style, but working together with faculty at tables, presentation rooms, reconfigurable classrooms, learning on the fly with their peers solving real design problems that are really about changing the world,” Prof Wood said.

Meanwhile, Professor Saif Benjaafar, who was with the University of Minnesota, will head Engineering Systems and Design.

Prof Benjaafar’s area looks at the management of large and complex systems like transport infrastructure and supply chains.

But Prof Benjaafar said SUTD students will learn more than just the technology of it.

“Our focus on the broader social-economic context is what differentiates us,” he said.

“Our students, in addition to getting the fundamentals in engineering, math, physics and the sciences, will also get a deep exposure to management, economics and public policy. That profile would be very unique.”

SUTD is a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Zhejiang University.

Both professors said they are excited about the opportunity to work in an institution that transforms the way engineering is taught, and the way engineering research is carried out.

Prof Wood explained the idea is not simply transferring the MIT system to Singapore.

“The idea is a feedback system. As we create things here and make them work, they’ll get fed back to MIT and they’ll improve as well,” he said.

Prof Benjaafar added: “If the Massachusetts Institute of Technology re-invents itself, SUTD is what it will look like.”

The university offers four pillars of study that are inter-disciplinary, sharing teaching and research resources.

The head of pillar provides vision and leadership, administers the pillar’s academic programme and is responsible for the quality of its graduates.

The university said the two heads were identified after a rigorous year-long search.

The search goes on for the heads of the university’s two other pillars, Architecture and Sustainable Design and Information Systems Technology and Design.

Applicants have been shortlisted, and the university expects the positions to be filled by the end of the year.


*** the lecturer, is not just a lecturer. He was the one who was speaking along with the President Prof Magnanti at the lectern. I had thought he was only a lecturer until I read his name on facebook. I prefer Prof Magnanti’s tone zillion times over.  Education is a life long endeavour. Am still awaiting for their rely over at facebook after I rephrase my questions.  — 13 March 2012


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