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A Simple Thought March 19, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, ethics, faith, human quality, life challenges, real power.
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Am Facebooking and reading off feeds and comments along with skim reading other online notes and emails.

I cannot help but to post this quick thought that has come to me instantly:

For those who have Faiths, please do not think your Lord, your Buddha, you Allah, your God are deceivable. For those who have no Faith, there is still a force that you may yet to find but is looking over you. Just that you are not quiet enough to understand it, doesn’t mean the true heart of doing a certain thing cannot be seen.

Being true isn’t hard to do. Do not waste time thinking you can bend rules to get your way. Doing this in front to look good and bend it over to do something. It doesnt work that way. Some people donate money for good causes but do something hideous behind, thinking the charity will cancel off the negative karma of doing bad. My advise: don’t even think about playing tricks. It never pays in the end, ‘cos you don’t call your Lord anything else as they have the highest form of power that you cannot fathom.

I am a free thinker even at this point. I do so because I think this will free me up to mix with everyone. I believe that any positive religions will accommodate very similar, if not the same principles of what is obeying the Lord. And that is not to exploit anyone’s kindness for your own greed. That’s just one point. The point that I often read off news about certain people defying their Faith to do hideous crimes makes me often wonder what kind of people we have today. It may sound religious, but at times I can’t help but to think the natural disasters that we have are indeed the Lord’s way of teaching unfaithful people a lesson.

Hopefully people will be awakened. And that the power of advanced technology and science has little to do with solving actual problems. Often I think the backward movement of technology may well save our lives in many ways. It’s a huge change to flip over. I suppose people want the high tech to show ones prowess and might. Then thinking back again, it may well be a sign of self destruction going by the way how certain people are bending rules these days. – Karen Fu

Off Topic Post on Identity Online March 18, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in social media.
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Identity offline and online. I think there is a difference. Some choose to give it all, some choose to hide it. And for some, in between. The last one being the most common especially if it’s online. Even in today’s world, few people will open up 100 percent to everyone for either privacy issues or for personal reasons. But I do not buy on identities that are totally whimsical before a serious analysis of vital issues such as national issues. The author or originator must, in some form, reveal a proper identity. Not an egg face with a dubious name that doesn’t even sound like anything. However, I was told that it doesn’t matter of we know the real author as long as the quality of the written content is superior. I am still in doubt though I can understand why, because I am also concerned about such issues since you don’t know who is reading it and how the news will spread. In short, you need a leeway should things be taken a twist.

I cannot tell what impression I have on others. But I can feel some people do not like the semi hidden identity. I have explained it off list though I do not expect people to understand them fully or to even comprehend. I think I have done a reasonable exposure for identity.

Some people even think I am arrogant. When I tell my peers and relatives at home, the first thing they tell me is to shut my ears up on those lines. I suspect it’s the way I write. When I put points across, I just smashed it in in a sharp manner. I also tend to think that some people are reading it the other way round. However, unless they pinned it out straight to me in a direct way, I cannot just guesses.

Everyone online and offline will have friends and often with some not so friendly people around. I don’t think anyone can be too careful or careless to make some noise to be identified or being unidentified; but at base minimum we must keep our words up with integrity. That’s a reputation to keep. One can feel and have a sense for a certain character online or offline. So whether it’s good or bad, modest or immodest, one will know in the heart if the person is true or untrue. Perhaps that’s why I was told the unknown identity online for those terrific ideas was not a concerned. Definitely food for thought after a long day. – Karen Fu

Research and learning. March 16, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in design, Design thinking, education, research.
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Just posted a very short and simple post to PhD design list. I always feel the notion of play and fun should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, this sub post stemmed out from a pretty nasty thread. It led to a seasoned researcher to choose leaving the list altogether. I read on and thought I’d just post a short note. My posts aren’t that valued by certain people though there are some who thought they had some good contribution. At one point, I was angry. As I read on the list and ponder the different characters, I decided it was not worth the pain to fume. Research and learning is about being very open. How open is the list is anyone’s guess but I could use many different views to seeing it. I think it needs a great quote off a great mind to convince. I’m no Einstein. Neither am I a world leader, but I always know the value of play. I was actually elated to come across Einstein’s quote on play:

Play is the highest form of research.’ quote by Albert Einstein, on a wall in the Tech Museum, San Jose, California

Surely, no play makes anyone dull. But I doubt the list will be truly receptive. It just drove one seasoned researcher away with quite a few people fuming. The entire list is like a war zone. I wonder if anyone will appreciate the short note (frankly speaking, not many) but I think over analyzing can be a poison. And I often wonder of people actually realize they do that most of the time. As we seem to grow older, and read into things too much; the tendency is for us to think we are so right about everything. Wouldn’t it be a curse for learning?

Quote myself:’some of best play could well be the overlooked as ‘fat chewing’. Don’t know about naval gazing. You’d take a mad person to over analyze certain objects to that point, but I think learning to relax is very important. Patience is another. Tolerance and perseverance is key.
What list is this? I don’t really care anymore. But I suppose there are different characters to take in. I am learning to cool… I don’t want grey hairs this soon. I still wanna play to learn.’

I admit this post could prick on some people. But If I care too much, I doubt I could even live properly. Learn to take soup cans and tomato cans. Including the rubbish cans. If you can’t, you don’t learn. A child takes in the crap and the condescending look, but they continue to play around and explore. A child is always open to the world. That’s why they learn the most without much formalities. Do I make sense? Ah, I remember why I gave up on many things. I need to take care of my health and sanity! – Karen Fu