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Off Topic Post on Identity Online March 18, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in social media.
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Identity offline and online. I think there is a difference. Some choose to give it all, some choose to hide it. And for some, in between. The last one being the most common especially if it’s online. Even in today’s world, few people will open up 100 percent to everyone for either privacy issues or for personal reasons. But I do not buy on identities that are totally whimsical before a serious analysis of vital issues such as national issues. The author or originator must, in some form, reveal a proper identity. Not an egg face with a dubious name that doesn’t even sound like anything. However, I was told that it doesn’t matter of we know the real author as long as the quality of the written content is superior. I am still in doubt though I can understand why, because I am also concerned about such issues since you don’t know who is reading it and how the news will spread. In short, you need a leeway should things be taken a twist.

I cannot tell what impression I have on others. But I can feel some people do not like the semi hidden identity. I have explained it off list though I do not expect people to understand them fully or to even comprehend. I think I have done a reasonable exposure for identity.

Some people even think I am arrogant. When I tell my peers and relatives at home, the first thing they tell me is to shut my ears up on those lines. I suspect it’s the way I write. When I put points across, I just smashed it in in a sharp manner. I also tend to think that some people are reading it the other way round. However, unless they pinned it out straight to me in a direct way, I cannot just guesses.

Everyone online and offline will have friends and often with some not so friendly people around. I don’t think anyone can be too careful or careless to make some noise to be identified or being unidentified; but at base minimum we must keep our words up with integrity. That’s a reputation to keep. One can feel and have a sense for a certain character online or offline. So whether it’s good or bad, modest or immodest, one will know in the heart if the person is true or untrue. Perhaps that’s why I was told the unknown identity online for those terrific ideas was not a concerned. Definitely food for thought after a long day. – Karen Fu


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