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Kindness we must, protection we must too April 15, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in human quality, social media.
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Kindness pays. And the law of life does work this way, where a truthful earnest kindness will yield a reward somehow somewhere. But in a world where people can come in with different hues and shades, it’s better to leave some leeway for our own protection especially when we do not know who our readers and onlookers are. Before their karma comes, I think we need to be first astute to save unwanted trouble. Having said this, I do not warrant total anonymity where a name, a picture or something decent to show a fair introduction is absent. It shows secrecy that is close to hideousness, especially true of political and business agendas.

Perhaps others may well think differently, but I have seen people who do attack out of personal agendas. The best is actually avoid these unwanted attacks. People’s minds are complex. What is straightforward may sometimes come out to become something of an agenda somehow. If you are talented, it will show. There is no need to spread on purpose. If you have a cause to share, share them. If after sharing it in good light that people should still find a way to knock you down and out, then please, by all means, refute it. Refute it in the most earnest, honest and fair way to debate it out. But not attack it personally. In cyberspace or in real life, there is no place for people who are small minded. And there s definitely no place for people with hidden personal agendas. Small two cents of thought for the day. – Karen Fu


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