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Boston International Marathon Blast April 16, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in ethics, faith, life challenges, terrorism.
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Disaster strikes for a reason. We must keep hope as well as faith in adversity. But we must always try to find root cause and solve them. If a recurring problem exists, something must be stubborn to change and we must change that stubbornness.

The mishap is senseless, but the cause for terror has a reason. It’s recurring every now and then. We need to be vigilant.


(photo: via Todayonline)


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Add: You know, peace isn’t hard to keep. What is hard to keep is the complexity of minds that go haywire that results from being intolerant. Some people have less threshold for tolerance. Some, more. If you hit those with big hearts, fine. If you happen to meet those with small minds, you are good to get blasted on a land mind. In several ways, the way of being simple or even simplistic may save trouble. At rare times, knowing nothing is better than being over sensitive about many issues. To be too smart is often the cause for trouble. — Karen Fu


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