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Life Saving Masks June 23, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in environment, environmental pollution, Singapore.
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I read they are distributing N95 masks now. Better now than never. It seems that the life saving/health saving masks are made available for nation wide distribution only today. For a short while, I was not happy. Reason? It should really be there almost immediately. At least as promised two days ago.

The 9 million masks should have been at least there two days ago. The sale of masks should be made opened at non commercial spots. Different places appear to sell the masks differently. Some by the box, some by the pair. Actually it should be rationed. When you go out and buy them, you will know how it feels like. It is just not right. I have only managed to get the masks after travelling half the country underground. I chose underground to avoid the open air. Even air conditioned air smells smokey. In lieu of this, you cannot depend on surgical masks at all. In fact, everyone should have the N95 masks.This should have come in as immediate and the most logical thing to do at the count of measurement that says ‘hazardous’. We are not under any way to wait like some countries need to. We could do things straight. In light of this respect, the response for basic life / heath saving masks is not good. Thankfully the haze situation is far better now. But that doesn’t guarantee smoke will not be in the air. This may not be as big a task as negotiating with concerned countries, but it is certainly the most vital task to do. – Karen Fu

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