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(Thorium) Nuclear Reactors / Social Responsibility issue November 5, 2013

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The title should read : (Thorium) Nuclear Reactors-Social Responsibility Issue

Sharing a comment post on the topic here. Long time no post on my blog so here’s one to start off : ‘Just fallen ill from too much obligations and am off for now to play Devils’ advocate after Bethan… Hopefully in a fun way with twice the plastic toy horns post Halloween… But this really reminds me of a heated debate on the phd forum a few years back. So, what makes a change in lifestyle to conserve energy so wrong without a slightest explanation? And what makes using nuclear so right when its half life decomposition is so long? Compare its impact with other renewable sources like sun and even water, and consider the pending danger of nuclear war ; these are serious implications to be precautioned. Why promote exuberant waste by adopting say a disposable lifestyle when we could promote improvisation? I am not a materials engineer but in simple logic, any matter that takes a long time to fully decomposed is a danger to human health. Any idea that promotes unlimited wants with no end perishes our dying natural resources. Even if we chose Prof Nocera’s idea of generating unlimited energy using just a swimming pool size of water (personalized energy) , with greed in hand you’ll never know how a negatively creative and selfish mind could come up with. Some traditional ideas of thrift, industriousness, honesty and modesty are dying in an era of pure lust for extravagant and almost heartless lifestyle. Everyone likes to live well. That includes me, who wants a cute gigantic house with plenty creative inventions and ecuational play. But we need to control and watch our wants before our wants kill us. Hope this is taken in good candour….perhaps only the far poorer countries should use nuclear energy because they really need it. then again, who says a non radioactive source may not offer a far livable and healthier solution? In any case, nuclear seems to pose a lot of threat at the moment. Life can be engaging, fun, knowledgeable and with plenty of peace. That includes the way of life for the same set of things. If one could obtain the same or even better quality of living by adopting a seemly less high tech source after weighing out the pros and cons, then one should take the option. Our lives aren’t that long to make wrong decisions. Happy Tuesday! ‘

ADDITION | thoughts on why nuclear energy should be avoided–

As much as learning more about thorium as an added knowledge under nuclear energy is appreciated, I believe that Fukushima and Chernobyl mishaps are real. Personally I am strongly against it. Our local government had wanted the nuclear energy to power our lines. Thankfully it is thrown off after the Fukushima incident. I wouldn’t think a bigger country should play the risk though it is in much better position to do so. Then again, thats me being careful. As responsible policy makers, the people’s physical well being is most important.
Perhaps this link from Physicians for social responsibilty which won a Nobel Peace Prize (PSR.org) would offer a more convincing overview of a nuclear fallout: the costs and consequences of the Fukushima daiichi disaster:

jon Lovett

Now that the first trial of the ‘When Worlds Collide’ MOOC is complete, I’ll try and keep this blog up dated with thoughts and information. I’ll also be going back through the many thousands of discussion comments in the MOOC, and I plan to compile an ebook we can use for the ‘alpha’ launch of the course in March.

I’ll use the blog to post parts of the ebook for comment and reflection. I’ll also be using the blog as an aide memoir and will be posting links to research articles, unless you are in a University it’s likely that you won’t be able to access the full texts of the articles, but you should be able to see the abstracts.

Civil nuclear power is clearly an area where science could potentially be of great benefit to society, particularly with an energy crisis and global climate chaos looming.  In the…

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