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Finding life after academia November 7, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in education, Quick thoughts.
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Quote New York Times:’The Repurposed Ph.D.
The past few years have seen a surge in efforts to connect Ph.D.’s with gratifying employment outside the ivory tower, and even to rethink doctoral education itself.’


(Article source found via Arvind Lodaya
Design + Innovation Consulting
Bangalore, India from PhD-Design forum)

Short note:
Probably not good coming from me, but this article accentuates my thought about a PhD. Many of the best policy makers/business owners do not hold a PhD. If you were to talk about jobs, this may not be the way to go. If you were to focus on another truth, many PhD holders do think they know it all. Not many are truly modest and at times using their academic credentials to put down on those who do not have one. Could go on, but I think let real life facts speak for themselves. There are much more to life than a PhD and you do need time to teach you this. And I am one of them. In all, a great education comes from a gracious school with fine professors whose minds are as open as the universe.- Karen Fu


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