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Material consumption could be as bad as nuclear waste November 15, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in environment, environmental pollution, Pictures, Quick thoughts.
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We are what we do. I doubt we are heading in the right environmental conservation direction if our material consumption doesn’t reduce. The break down of these materials can be as long as nuclear decomposition. Thrift is of essence. A change of life views on material attainment has got to be revised. I often wonder how much waste we have been producing and trying the bury them somewhere. Can we really thrash unwanted goods after their shelf life is gone? Design to last or design to sustain would be the way to go. But I doubt money mongers will like the idea. Its more convenient to create fashion and let consumers keep on to it to spin them money. Then again, if we could wittily remind them that we may all perished or damaged by various pollutants around; per chance they might just have their sanity back in to agree with real change. – Karen Fu


1. Penny Ramsden - November 16, 2013

Hello, I agree that our product design thinking and manufacture has taken a road that increases pollution and encourages consumer ‘more and more’ thinking. Design now seems to have an element to reduce the life expectency of a product, while not considering its disposability. I think that most people would actually prefer better quality and environmental considerations to the throw away life style, especially as life becomes more and more complicated. Perhaps this change of direction will not be so hard?

2. Penny Ramsden - November 16, 2013

I have been thinking about your post that there are ‘evil’ people. As a parent and former teacher, I developed an attitude of focusing on behaviour to be corrected, rather than personal correction. For example ‘this way of acting is not a good way’ rather than ‘you are bad’. There can be evil intent, intent to harm also, and in this situation I would encourage a student to look at what they were trying to achieve, and explore non harmful ways of doing that, for example in self defense.

3. @Karen_Fu - November 17, 2013

Hi Penny, thanks for the comments. I will post more on the issue of waste soon. I agree that one has to focus on how bad behavior needs to be corrected. As a child in school, this may work. But unfortunately in reality, when adults do such behavior, the only thing we can do is to try to prevent the bad from happening. We cannot exactly teach them anymore. Got to log off for now as its 3:45 am here. Will return soon.

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