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A new trust – PreU Sem 2014 June 7, 2014

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Part of the notion of trust, very well delivered in this blog post which I want to share. – Karen Fu

New Worlds

Pre-U Sem 2014 was attended by about 500 students from JC, Poly and IP schools and I had the privilege of speaking on a panel to about 100 of these students alongside former NMP Claire Chiang, VP of Banyan Tree, and Martin Tan, Co-Founder of Halogen Foundation.

We were mostly fielded questions throughout the session on the afternoon of the 6th of June, but I was able to answer from nearly all of my prepared speech. My speech text is below:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for the opportunity to address you. I’d like to talk to you about trust and how it will play a huge part all our futures.

Trust is a key element in every human relationship. How you, I, we, view each other. Without it, relationships break down. Without it, conflict rules.

Trust is also a key part of the relationship between the Government and its…

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A Change of Times – Trust is the root of Power. June 7, 2014

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Catherine Lim is a very gutsy lady. She has just penned in the change of times. Her open letter to the #Singapore prime minister, BG Lee Hsien Loong could be found here



I have been tied to my own problems pretty badly at home to be really far behind in what is happening now. But fortunately the internet is able to help me record and do the catch up later, though quite late, thinking of the problems and solutions we have here. Just this year alone, we have quite a bit of happenings from the ground. I doubt it will stop from all these telling signs. If they aren’t acknowledged positively, I can see a storm arising. Lessons? Trust is loosing ground. Solution? Should we retain the hard handed style? My answer is NO. I have also attended the Buddhist convention last month end which Venerable Jing Kong had come to visit Singapore for an hour. The teachings of love and peace came in at the right time. But one needs to truly listen and put it to practice. Shaking hands with the venerable is only the start, the actions are more important. Trust comes in the form of sincerity. The harder the hammer hits, the larger the cracks will be. – Karen Fu.