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That Lying Beggar Auntie August 22, 2014

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Decided to reblog this over at my blog as I saw her too. The over emphasis on material gains seemed to have come to a dire point that even an old lady would feign pity to make so much money. Anyway, here is my quick comments:’I saw her too. But in front of St. Andrews cathedral. I gave her only $6 and took the time to hear her out. At first I had doubts but believed her as it was in front of the church and if she so daringly lied, she would be in her dear conscience to take up the consequences. Nonetheless, she told me another story. She said she was extorted for money and if she didn’t bring home enough, she would be in trouble and someone’s life would be in trouble. Or something like that as she was sobbing very badly and talked in bits. If this were a real lie, she made it very convincing at her senior age. And that makes it all scary, cos if people here can become so hideous and dishonest, what would become of our society? I did ask her why she didn’t resort to the church for help. And that was when my next doubt came in. Then I thought perhaps the people there weren’t sympathetic. She also added saying that she knew begging for money is wrong. And when I gave her the money, she kept saying,’God Bless You’ quite a number of times. I even wanted to pass her my mobile contact and said that if she ever wanted any help, she could call me or SMS me anytime. Though I had little pockets of doubts here and there, I didn’t think she was a liar this big because of her old age. She even told me she nearly died from a fall and that god bless that she was alive. Anyway, I gave her the spare change I had. Now after reading this, I don’t know if I could really trust anyone now. I even spent time hearing her out. Honestly I think that our society has become over materialisitic and very money and power centric. If this goes on, we are going to done for. ‘ (edited a little on minor typos from the original post.)

New Worlds

So there is finally a newspaper report about her scams. Wanbao followed up on a lead through STOMP and discovered that this auntie makes over a thousand dollars a night begging, lying and scamming. She has asked me for $500 before, but then I uncovered her scam over 45 minutes once I bought her tea.

She cries, lies, and makes more money on one weekend than you do in a month. Photo linked from STOMP http://goo.gl/6RIqLZ

I first met her in front of Red Dot Building in Tanjong Pagar on a weekday afternoon, maybe in 2012. She was sobbing and crying to a bunch of young office workers as I walked past on an errand. On the way back I saw she was still there sobbing by the pavement and stopped to try and help. She said she was hungry and I offered to take her to Maxwell Market…

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Robin Williams’ good will hunting. We will miss you. August 12, 2014

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Robin Williams has died. His ethics consciousness for life paid through his acts of honorable acting in movies like ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘Dead Poets’ Society’. Ironically as he gave the world humour and hope, he died of depression.

Good will hunting,we shall always remember the movies he played in that etched in our minds despite the long passage of time. Robin Williams’ death is ironical. The rules of life gathers as to why a nice person could live a life of depression. As more findings will be discovered, I am thinking why life is recycled in these mishaps. Should kind people like him be perished in suicide? Some would say its ‘karma’ but I seriously think there are fundamental laws to life.

There are some very evil people who seemed to be able to sustain life comfortably. Or are they? I believe that whilst there is this existence of karma, we also need to protect ourselves through constant learning from life itself. Self protection is one. By keen learning from life and nature, we will garner the wisdom and knowledge needed to survive well. Moral ethics becomes the upmost importance to withholding peaceful, happy and meaning lives. However, how many would spare their time I search for wealth and status to give passion and compassion to others who genuinely need it? At worst, hypocrisy comes to the scene where charitable tasks are done not because genuine donations from the heart but acts of will to push oneself to the open for the gain of status or tax reduction benefits.

Robin Williams had played some of the most thought provoking films. One of the most profound impact on me is on education and medicine. He gave us wisdom through witty acts of humor that teaches us wisdom. Such acting should be highly valued and honored over unwanted violent and meaningless movies that we often see at theatres, cinemas and on television. His unexpected early demise from suicide is a huge loss to all of us. But I hope his demise will teach all of us good lessons that fine ethics is the root of peace and prosperity in life and beyond. – @Karen_Fu, quick typing in the late morning of 12 August 2014, Singapore.

Dead Poets Society morals: To learn under peer pressure for materialism is to kill creativity and humanity in the worst form. #in #education. To force on a child whose interest may not be of utmost prestige in society is to hinder the rights of the child and god’s gift to that child. – @karen_fu

Picture credit Photo By Tiziana Fabi