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Legendary giant, Founding PM, Lee Kuan Yew Dies. March 23, 2015

Posted by @Karen_Fu in Singapore.
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Just knew this would happen. Then again, I think it is a relief for the legendary giant. SG50 becomes a mourning event. Year 2015 is black year for all Singaporeans. The founding fundamentals he set forth with his first generation ministers were stellar. It acknowledged the poor and the under privileged. His acuteness and foresight saved us from the period when we were thrown out in the waters during the Malaya merger. He has misgivings as well as fine contributions to the nation that we all Singaporeans should remember. No one’s like Lee Kuan Yew. I doubt there is one that is like his intelligence at the moment, and we are not in good shape now as a nation. Mourning is in. National reflection should come in.


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