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Ilo Ilo, Singapore’s pride. November 24, 2013

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Singapore wins big at Golden Horse Awards for best supporting actress, best new director, best screenplay and best feature film. It has also recently won at the Cannes festival earlier. Antony Chen really does anything for his films. In most ways, its good. In a few ways, it isn’t. His education background is an example of someone who makes it big on his own style. In my opinion, the substance IS the style. There’s no need to debate on that. This film wins big without a degree proves that anything such as intelligence and gift cannot be measured by an archaic system of egoism. A big lesson to elitist people and for all of us to think that education fits all, when education should be tailored made to fit the individual. No ones exactly the same. Whilst education can give and take away skills, it can never take away real substance such as talent and gift. The list is non conclusive but I think you get the idea. – Karen Fu.

Inserting this picture of the winning team. I think they’d never thought a humble background could win this big. I bet they’d cried for having the guts all thrown in for a fine bet. Best wishes!


(Image credit: hollywoodreporter.com)

Change by Design – Invisible Helmet November 13, 2013

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Invisible Helmet

Quick paste of this video above  to share via Facebook from ‘Irene Emerita’. We can never underestimate the technical and design innovation done by women, which is usually expected in men. Watch it to see its ingenuity. – Karen Fu


Chinese New Year duo – Song Zuying and Celine Dion. February 11, 2013

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Happy new year of the black water snake! Saw this over on Facebook and thought I should share it. It may sound very controversial, but I think this is a very good attempt to blend in two vastly different cultures together while retaining each individual differences. An excellent blend of the east and west, Song Zuying brings in the passive yet strong singing style of the east to go along with Celin Dion’s vibrant resonance in a special style. The future will bring along many more western counterparts to cooperate with the mainland Chinese. The force is undeniably a fine change and hopefully will be one that speaks of a peaceful and creative symbiosis.- Karen Fu