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Material consumption could be as bad as nuclear waste November 15, 2013

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We are what we do. I doubt we are heading in the right environmental conservation direction if our material consumption doesn’t reduce. The break down of these materials can be as long as nuclear decomposition. Thrift is of essence. A change of life views on material attainment has got to be revised. I often wonder how much waste we have been producing and trying the bury them somewhere. Can we really thrash unwanted goods after their shelf life is gone? Design to last or design to sustain would be the way to go. But I doubt money mongers will like the idea. Its more convenient to create fashion and let consumers keep on to it to spin them money. Then again, if we could wittily remind them that we may all perished or damaged by various pollutants around; per chance they might just have their sanity back in to agree with real change. – Karen Fu

Common Law Of Justice – who gets to set it November 12, 2013

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In reply to Penny Ramsden about who is going to set the common law of justice, which I will share in a short paragraph:

‘That’s a hard question. I would say as long as people are doing the law, you will definitely not get a perfect system because people by nature are somewhat bias despite how impartial they can appear to be. So no common law system will be perfect. But it should at least satisfy common logic of fairness, which sometimes is strangely absent. Nature is by far the fairest when it comes of common justice. You put rubbish in, it will find a way to give it all back to you regardless race, language or religion; social status or financial solvency. Very very fair…..’

What I would like to add quickly is that it should always be noted that no one will be perfectly impartial and fair. As such the group of people in charge should always be under constant check by the people and that the system is always opened to change. And that includes an overthrow of the corrupted one without red tape. – Karen Fu

A short Life Tweet. November 11, 2013

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The world doesn’t operate on evil intentions. It will retaliate with natural vengeance. #in #life #sustainability – Karen Fu