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Rising living cost, smart economy and a slew of martial arts. March 2, 2018

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Karate isn’t my forte but I seem to be forced into the martial art of chopping expenses in a timely fashion. It’s a kind of adaptation and survival here. You either do chopping and trying to earn more to fit rising costs; or you get chopped and sunk into the sea of expenses. Sink or swim is now the game of survival in an urban setting where Infrastructural costs for futuristic and advanced digital economy is required.

Digital economy is the future. And I have to agree with it. But not all aspects of digital advancement technologies are beneficial — that’s another topic to delve into.

Now back to rising costs and my chopping board. I have doubts if these cost cutting measures is going to be useful because there is a base limit to look after. So that means you can’t choose chopping all the time. After the recent announcement of water tariff increments and the rise of GST in a few years’ time, we are given two years to prepare for the overall haul.


As usual I prepare ahead. This planing made me scrutinize all kinds of expenses.
Almost everything is raised in price: monthly maintenance fees, bills of all kinds like water and electricity, telco bills (raise by a heap over the decades), food prices, clothes and shoes (even when when you buy at sales, they are sometimes dearer than elsewhere in the world); food, materials, and all.

Limit non threatening items like shoes, bags and clothes unless they are skin the bottom line sales which happens a few times now and then. Slaughter the pigs in the rest of the dens, and leave money for healthy eating. Something no sane mind would cut if you think medical costs are now rising quite a bit here where insurance is now catching up to ease unaffordable gap.

Regardless, water has the most dreadful increment. It is a necessity that you cannot skip. I am wondering why can’t they increase tariff on all luxury goods, tobacco and liquor. They could do the prostitutes and gamblers in by increasing more taxes there. These are the non beneficial , non necessities items and services that society doesn’t need. In short, vices that should be punished heavily with taxes. But to increase necessities like water is hell to both the consumer like me and the businesses everywhere. Everything needs water. Even dead people need water. That rise means an overall pop up trend in prices across the board.

Not a fun swimming pool to play in.
Definitely not for those who have cars.

So karate is one form, maybe judo would be my next art—aka flipping lifestyle to fit rising costs. It’s probably a better way. Choosing a different system of living on the same piece of land may be a better. But I don’t know yet exactly the steps of doing it because there are other mitigating factors too.

Confined spaces with a now tempremental climate would be one to think of. Public transport in a terrorist threaten environment also means smart and well planned traveling is needed.

Then again, a cheerful disposition may well solve all the problems. A positive mindset with a smile usually do wonders as a start. And they cost nothing.

We live in a changing time and space where everything seems to be about money, power and looking advanced.

Advanced living and thinking isn’t about rising prices. It’s about rising quality intelligently without deteriorating value of money. Well, that’s my opinion.

Certain so-called advances may not be advances in the end. Doing simple chores with a sophisticated technology in certain contexts aren’t good ideas either. So these added expenses should not be considered.

Smart economy isn’t about adapting all the most sophisticated technologies but how clever one is in implementing them without technical glitches that runs too long to interfere with daily living. It’s unproductive and even dangerous.

A lot of considerations to think of, but I suppose I see how the people involved would do.

I think i stop here for my two cents for the day. —@Karen_Fu



The Giant who transformed Singapore Lee Kuan Yew (换天的巨人李光耀). Quick reflections March 28, 2015

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The hardest part to build a nation is from scrap. The thing I admire about him and his first generation of ministers was they start from scrap. Actually the smaller the country the harder it is to build a nation ’cause defence is a problem, credibility is another. The problem we are facing now is a different set of problems. The type that we could collapse in a other way if our leaders do not have the kind of qualities like them. That’s another set of issues. The thought if this makes my heart heavy ’cause I think there is no one like him to lead. We have a good set of social problems that stem out from when we had very little of them then. I don’t know if we have the tenacity ’cause the motivation now is very different from last era.

We don’t have anyone like Lee Kuan Yew, and I see that a real problem. The foundations he had set prosper us. But if we were not as wise, as smart with the perspectives and the character he had; I doubt the prosperity will sustain. You need leadership, loyalty, some punches, and a pretty good number of stellar qualities to handle people, tasks, politics with a steely personality that is also easy-going —— Easy on the commoners and the needy, though on the people who would ruin the system to common prosperity. That’s what he was to get where we are today. He had his misgivings but the contributions to the nation far outweigh the misgivings. No ones perfect. And commoners only care about a peaceful and prosperous life that is healthy and sustainable. Commoners do not bother about power and politics. I believe most don’t care about politics.

In any case, I’ve already thrown my SG50 calendar of events into the bin when founding Prime Minister was critically ill. I knew he couldn’t pull through because the love of his life went before him five years ago. There was nothing important to hold on.

I don’t think anyone has the mind to think about the celebrations. I embrace trouble ahead, but I hope my thinking is totally wrong. We do not have any one like Lee Kuan Yew and I doubt there is anyone like him in the near future. If we can have rising social problems like addicted gambling etc with interrupted public transport, we have the right to have real concerns how the post Lee Kuan Yew era would be.

Though I do not like his handling of matters on a staunch domineering force but his contributions in the earlier years were, if not, far more then exemplary. He gathered his team to set up what others do not have the world. Public housing was like no other. An education system that rivals with the best in the world but I would never agree that we are not the intellectual class because we came from the southern parts of China where peasantry was dominant. Afterall, aren’t many successful people themselves come from the so called peasantry class?

I don’t believe in social classes. I may have some belief in genetics but at times even genetics could wrong where smart parents could have retards. Both nature and nurture can only have probabilities. There are not absolutes, only estimates and predictions.

The mind of Lee Kuan yew is unmatched by many and that includes his own children. We must be fair on his achievements and not criticize because we do not agree. I admire his brains, his witty astute sense of words and his strategic use of people like the late Goh Keng Swee, Hon Sui Sen and the likes. Which country in the world, this small, could go this far? And which country in the world this tiny could come up from the dead? This country.


’cause we had the brains and the guts with the right people. But question is: do we still have them now?

Do we have a future? – when gambling problems are along with rising marital problems. And not to forget petty street crimes and shoplifting to bigger crimes like murder.

Do we have fine minds that do not hold regard to money before the people, the people before self ?

Do we have people who will stand before justice ? Where people do not have to worry about retirement, making ends meet and money to lean and to grow ?

Do we have people to bring the old people who need to pick carton boxes for a living to a comfort level?

I am worried that we might be regressing. We used to have first class transport but now it’s hiccups every now and then. Why?

And how come students are so selfish these days and love to differentiate amongst themselves in terms of academic streams and schools? Why?

I buy thee not the pukes that we seem to see in recent years. We dearly need people who are multiculturally inclined, extremely impartial, and very innovative for the world today is no longer relying on strict fundamentals in a linear fashion. Current affairs in social economics has changed to become a problem that seeks sustainable measures in the goods and services we choose and the policies we embark on to stay alive. It is only with lateral thinking that we can grow and depend on our own to be our own CEOs. If our education is so rightly cool, then the best leaders, in at least most of the industries, should be us. There is no need to hire foreign talent at all.

I long for a Nobel prize from this country, a might that is like Great Britain which is physically small but undeniably huge in influence. Like our demised founding PM Lee Kuan Yew, who came in small, and walk out big where leaders from other countries would even come here to pay respects before him. Don’t say Singapore is easy to manage cos the smaller you are, the less credibility and might to get others to even look at you. You must feel super confident and motivated with a special character that exudes original substance to win hearts. He had it, will we have it too?

Founding PM Lee once said if anything goes wrong, he would get up even if he was in the grave. That is the eagle eye that people are weary and to some hate him for it. I’d say, if there is an impending problem going to sprout, let him come up and save us.

After thinking apart from memorials, I seriously think we should wear mourning (戴孝) for founding PM Lee Kuan Yew. But I think this is a little too late to suggest it.

No longer are the days where a resounding ‘merdeka’ would do. We need someone more original and more impressive cos the new era has set in. – @Karen Fu.


(Image credit: China.org.cn on Twitter)

Why Daring To Change. February 3, 2014

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Why Daring To Change in Chinese – a note to a friend, which I think it’s worth the share. Hopefully in the year of the Horse, we could come to terms to certain issues that aren’t hard to solve if we would just change ourselves even by the little everyday:


I was just flipping through the photos and saw a finger written piece of Chinese words that was written I had just bought my mobile device.


The lines aren’t fantastic but I enjoy using my finger to write them. Sending one off for your perusal.


I genuinely believe about universal compassion. It is a spirit that requires a two way traffic, a heartfelt sincerity to


promote such spirit of love to as far as possible and as long as possible, if not eternity. If everyone had a mind to do so,


the world would definitely be a simpler place sans the complicated troubles, this world would also have a true peace.


Those who believe in universal compassion, fraternity and love, love people and objects around them; bearing a generous heart and mind. People who such love are ones who truly blessed.


Even though when people may bully and harm, on the other end there will be gracious and gallantly kind people who would come to the rescue.


Unrefined Chinese characters on this page, but hopefully my Chinese will gradually improve to a greater height. No guts, no hope.


No hope, no success. True face of love is always capable of miracles. That is why I set up an English blog of my own.’ – @Karen_Fu