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Quick wishes for the New Year of the Horse January 15, 2014

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Although there are efforts to curb foreigners, I think we need to focus on curbing those who are creating trouble here. That distinction is far more important than just curbing any foreign nationals. Trouble such as ostracizing the locals via means of bullying. If we fail to do this, the social make up of this country will go into a very rough one which is currently in the process of negative change. Regaining ground for what we had — a fully integrated, national identity revived, cohesive and very kind society of many came to envy us. It is this essence that we are one of the safest countries to live in and the most peaceful and harmonious one. I hope in the year of the Horse we will gain hold and achieve this. No citizen will gain from social enclaves and an overtly materialistic society where money and status controls the righteous mind. Be sure that such negative social change will see us all in gradual doom with social breakdown between people for various kinds of positive relationships, like those at home, school and work. I could romp on with examples but I hope I don’t need to. We need leaders with guts to spit the dirt out honestly and dare to flip very mercenary people whose intentions are for self greed. Hopefully in the next two years we will find them. – @Karen_Fu.

Let not the spirit of Mandela be gone. December 7, 2013

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Sharing a post that I have just made in Facebook :

‘Nelson Mandela has died. But I hope humanity and real educated people have truly grown as a result of his sacrifice. Don’t preach what he had said, but do what he had done and pass on the torch of hope to generations of people to come. Then, the sacrifice of Mandela will not be in vain. And so are our forefathers whose sacrifice is to ensure we live better because we have grown a genuine heart for peoples around the globe. That’s the ultimate peace. Papers about peace don’t work, but actions of peace do.-@karen_fu’


Revisiting Nelson Mandela’s time in prison – Africa – Al Jazeera English December 7, 2013

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Revisiting Nelson Mandela’s time in prison – Africa – Al Jazeera English.

What Mandela meant to me:

Nelson Mandela was a man of sheer conviction, courage and compassion. He was a man of great stubbornness in his manner to bring love, justice and order to his people and in many ways to the world. A man whose life has several ups and downs, suffered most of his life in fight for truth and liberty. His life is a heartbreaking aspiration to all of us wherever we are, of someone who had fought relentlessly for a blessed life under a very politically wronged name of being a ‘terrorist.’ – @Karen_Fu, Daring To Change.


(Image credit: Aljazeera.com)