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Chinese New Year Greetings! February 1, 2014

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金马贺岁,博爱团年,甲午擢升,康泰吉祥。愿新加坡国运昌隆,国泰民安!~ @karen_fu
The Golden Horse greets on the Lunar New Year,
We reunite with Universal (com)passion ,
In Jiawu (Chinese new year of the horse) we arise,
With Peace, health coming auspiciously.
May Singapore prosper with peace and wealth! – @Karen_fu


A World Of Love. New Year Wish 1. January 26, 2014

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When Martin Luther King said he had a dream, his dream was a liberal world of love, fairness and sheer kindness. The same came from Gandhi, Dr Sun Yat Sen and the likes. But what has always been perplexing to me is that people chose to bend rules to be so hypocritical. I don’t know about others, but I feel it is high time we start picking the best leaders like our forefathers in history. The kind who will love, and cherish till we part kind of leaders. Those who will dutifully marry with us, the commoners and keep such special matrimonial intact like they have for their spouses. I think it’s only through this kind of unyielding ‘LOVE’ shall they be dedicated to put their lives in without the matter of money and status. Wouldn’t that be so nice for all of us?

Venerable Jing Kong has also made his Chinese New Year Wish ahead for humanity which is so damn true. He cites the earnesty, sincerity, compassion in the relationships with people. When in the changing world of people with multi faceted characters whose minds are focused on power mongering, the real love and passion for people diminishes without shame. Sharing his words in an picture here.- @Karen_Fu


Quick wishes for the New Year of the Horse January 15, 2014

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Although there are efforts to curb foreigners, I think we need to focus on curbing those who are creating trouble here. That distinction is far more important than just curbing any foreign nationals. Trouble such as ostracizing the locals via means of bullying. If we fail to do this, the social make up of this country will go into a very rough one which is currently in the process of negative change. Regaining ground for what we had — a fully integrated, national identity revived, cohesive and very kind society of many came to envy us. It is this essence that we are one of the safest countries to live in and the most peaceful and harmonious one. I hope in the year of the Horse we will gain hold and achieve this. No citizen will gain from social enclaves and an overtly materialistic society where money and status controls the righteous mind. Be sure that such negative social change will see us all in gradual doom with social breakdown between people for various kinds of positive relationships, like those at home, school and work. I could romp on with examples but I hope I don’t need to. We need leaders with guts to spit the dirt out honestly and dare to flip very mercenary people whose intentions are for self greed. Hopefully in the next two years we will find them. – @Karen_Fu.