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City Harvest Church with the Law  April 15, 2017

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City Harvest Church Trial is not fair. If this is the Law of the Men, let the Law of the Lord correct it.

City Harvest Church – Facebook reply and thoughts  April 15, 2017

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, ethics, faith, human quality, Justice, Leadership, Quick thoughts, Singapore.
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sharing this Facebook reply to a friend about the City Harvest Church Case which is still under the probe:

‘If this case is left unchanged, what spells for us in Singapore would definitely be not just a tarnish in the law system and national reputation ; but also the risk of  having more evil leaders who make use of religion or any other means as a mask to cover up huge greed cases such as this one.

The other concern would be the brainwash of people’s mind into attaining this kind of crime.
Very ingenious as it is sinister.
There are probably more that we do not know.

Apart from these, the judiary is highly probable for having this kind of matter go pass this loose.

As common logic and ethics would have it, these people are criminals of the most sinister kind.

How the law diminish could their evil is totally frightening. ‘ – @Karen_Fu

Robin Williams’ good will hunting. We will miss you. August 12, 2014

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Robin Williams has died. His ethics consciousness for life paid through his acts of honorable acting in movies like ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘Dead Poets’ Society’. Ironically as he gave the world humour and hope, he died of depression.

Good will hunting,we shall always remember the movies he played in that etched in our minds despite the long passage of time. Robin Williams’ death is ironical. The rules of life gathers as to why a nice person could live a life of depression. As more findings will be discovered, I am thinking why life is recycled in these mishaps. Should kind people like him be perished in suicide? Some would say its ‘karma’ but I seriously think there are fundamental laws to life.

There are some very evil people who seemed to be able to sustain life comfortably. Or are they? I believe that whilst there is this existence of karma, we also need to protect ourselves through constant learning from life itself. Self protection is one. By keen learning from life and nature, we will garner the wisdom and knowledge needed to survive well. Moral ethics becomes the upmost importance to withholding peaceful, happy and meaning lives. However, how many would spare their time I search for wealth and status to give passion and compassion to others who genuinely need it? At worst, hypocrisy comes to the scene where charitable tasks are done not because genuine donations from the heart but acts of will to push oneself to the open for the gain of status or tax reduction benefits.

Robin Williams had played some of the most thought provoking films. One of the most profound impact on me is on education and medicine. He gave us wisdom through witty acts of humor that teaches us wisdom. Such acting should be highly valued and honored over unwanted violent and meaningless movies that we often see at theatres, cinemas and on television. His unexpected early demise from suicide is a huge loss to all of us. But I hope his demise will teach all of us good lessons that fine ethics is the root of peace and prosperity in life and beyond. – @Karen_Fu, quick typing in the late morning of 12 August 2014, Singapore.

Dead Poets Society morals: To learn under peer pressure for materialism is to kill creativity and humanity in the worst form. #in #education. To force on a child whose interest may not be of utmost prestige in society is to hinder the rights of the child and god’s gift to that child. – @karen_fu

Picture credit Photo By Tiziana Fabi