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Are Vitamins Useless? July 16, 2014

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Vitamins, in the artificial form, can never replace organic food. But when in times of urgency, we would definitely need the supplements to temporarily boost our immune systems. But ultimately, as we recover, food will be the main and only source of nutrition. I have been reading about nutrition because I do not believe that medicine can heal a body. It can ease the symptoms but eventually it’s the body that is fighting the disease. So healthy intake of nutirients from clean food sources is actually a long term solution to health. Not the vitamins in the synthetic form. A healthy happy mind also gives the body and soul a brilliant tone. Studies have shown that being kind and happy actually makes the body more alkaline, hence less prone to diseases which thrive in acidic biological environments. Medicine and other pharmaceutical products actually cannot solve problems permanently and in singularity. It must be accompanied by a healthy mind and body that is derived from organic forms and clean physical surroundings. It can ease your pain in order for the body to recuperate. But it is ultimately your immune system that counts. -@karen_fu

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Are Vitamins Useless? Are Vitamins Useless?

Are Vitamins Useless?

Are vitamin pills even necessary? – The Week

A recent long-term study of more than 400,000 people concluded that “most vitamin supplements [have] no clear benefit” and warned that excess vitamin E and beta-carotene may actually weaken the immune system’s ability to kill cancer cells. “The case is closed,” the study authors wrote. “Enough is enough.”

via Are vitamin pills even necessary? – The Week.

Is it ethical to sell a product which is in general a simple placebo?

In the Wizard of Oz, the fake wizard gives the Cowardly Lion, a horrible tasting concoction. He tells the lion that this “formula” will give him courage. The lion drinks the horrible drink and the wizard asks him how he feels. The lion replies, “Full of courage.”

So, we who spend from a few to hundreds of dollars on vitamins may also be said…

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Chinese New Year Greetings! February 1, 2014

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金马贺岁,博爱团年,甲午擢升,康泰吉祥。愿新加坡国运昌隆,国泰民安!~ @karen_fu
The Golden Horse greets on the Lunar New Year,
We reunite with Universal (com)passion ,
In Jiawu (Chinese new year of the horse) we arise,
With Peace, health coming auspiciously.
May Singapore prosper with peace and wealth! – @Karen_fu


A World Of Love. New Year Wish 1. January 26, 2014

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When Martin Luther King said he had a dream, his dream was a liberal world of love, fairness and sheer kindness. The same came from Gandhi, Dr Sun Yat Sen and the likes. But what has always been perplexing to me is that people chose to bend rules to be so hypocritical. I don’t know about others, but I feel it is high time we start picking the best leaders like our forefathers in history. The kind who will love, and cherish till we part kind of leaders. Those who will dutifully marry with us, the commoners and keep such special matrimonial intact like they have for their spouses. I think it’s only through this kind of unyielding ‘LOVE’ shall they be dedicated to put their lives in without the matter of money and status. Wouldn’t that be so nice for all of us?

Venerable Jing Kong has also made his Chinese New Year Wish ahead for humanity which is so damn true. He cites the earnesty, sincerity, compassion in the relationships with people. When in the changing world of people with multi faceted characters whose minds are focused on power mongering, the real love and passion for people diminishes without shame. Sharing his words in an picture here.- @Karen_Fu