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You should continue. I am truly impressed with the first thoughts on first read honestly. It is important for one with good thoughts to pen it for a wider audience never mind if they are harsh realities and bitter pills. What is more important is getting the word out. Getting the word out doesn’t mean it should be accepted or rejected, that is subjective to another’s environment and the willingness to give it another thinker. If only we have more writers like you who can pen the everyday observations and cure what I termed the mass delusion, the world will be a better place

Hmm.. by nature I would prefer more workings at hand to better understand the sharing but I feel you have a good mind. so I won’t hesitate to share my subjective views in relation to what you shared. It doesn’t matter if people like what you shared. The constant here is with the authenticity in the truths with your reasoning(s), views are subjective variables and views doesn’t change a fact. It may delude a fact but it won’t alter the characteristics of the facts. The pursue for knowledge is to quench the thirst of another curiosity. Having said that, what matters are your reasons to beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you own a postgrad or not. For those who refuse reasons because of reasons you shared like just becos you are not one, I believe you can take their views with a pinch of salt. You deserve better. From a personal perspective, I would suggest perhaps it may be helpful if you at your own leisure reconsider your belief mechanisms of handling people over work. Mathematically I can be certain that handling the people well may not get you the work results as people management thought it should be, but handling your work well settles the people issues, of course leaving room for a couple of fault finders no matter how well you have done. You have a natural gift with thoughts and words Karen as we shared further I find, and I think if you feel it is your passion to pursue your dreams, go for it. I know in reality, many philosophical thinkings are not good marriages with the realistic world, but it is the thoughts that will pen what you write and what you write reflects your thoughts. Work on the the strengths you own and improve your weaknesses as one goes along, it is mathematically wrong to work the other way round. You can trust me on that although the dead night is starting to hijack my sanity. Good share Karen. Good fella. Would be glad to share with you again if I can be useful in any ways. =) Good night.
2012-09-02 Fivefootway Singapore via Facebook Aka Justin Chua PhD Mathematician

found this place great with wonderful writing liked it keep it up.

2011-03-08 00:00:30 Shabana


Your site is very good. It spreads love and kindness. This is exactly what society needs. Good job..


2010-04-02 20:36:02 Cherri


I like the variety of the topics covered in this blog from personal to political to economics. Something for everyone and with reletave information to the topic of the blog change. I like the caption to the posts The Ywitter meets the peace dove and The greatest power.Good stuff!.

2010-04-01 21:32:24 alma


‘I recently came across your blog, “Daring to Change” and love the concept and all your ideas on how individuals can make changes to improve society. I am writing from World Pulse Magazine, a media organization dedicated to broadcasting global issues through the eyes of women. I would like to invite you to share your ideas with readers and fellow activists on our social networking newswire, PulseWire, for possible syndication in our upcoming online and print editions. A newly created group on PulseWire called “Earth: Transforming Energy” provides a platform for the unheard voices of women leaders and changemakers around environmental issues. This group offers a collaborative and safe discussion forum for you to share your thoughts, ideas, struggles, and emotions around environmental, sustainability, and land use issues. I thought you would be a perfect candidate to start seeding discussion on the forum, particularly as it relates to Singapore and the environmental issues you cover in your blog. We are especially encouraging discussion around resource issues (oil, mining, and other extractive industries, as well as land rights and resource conflicts).Our next magazine, to be released in early 2010, will have “Earth: Transforming Energy” as it’s theme. By joining the Earth: Transforming Energy group on PulseWire and posting a blog entry, your story has the chance to be included in our upcoming issue. We welcome you to utilize this space to share whatever you’d like—whether it’s your perspective on important global issues, a profile of local activism in your community, your personal inspiration, or your vision for a more sustainable future —with a supportive community of women from across the globe.

I sincerely hope you will accept this invitation to join PulseWire and make a post in the “Earth: Transforming Energy” group. We encourage you to post something new, or something you’ve written in the past. Poetry, stories, opinion pieces, or just a simple introduction are encouraged! The idea is to truly provide a space for women to join hands across borders, and all opinions and experiences are welcome.

2009 Aug 10

You have a really cool site here. It is a great idea. Loads of interesting posts and some very nice photography too. The site loaded nice and quickly and was easy to find your way around. Cool site, well done :).

2009-04-16 10:42:35 lucy

What a positive site. I liked your stories because they were so unusual and that made me read on. The format is simple but very sharp. I think it adds a lot seeing your intent to get the USA again leader in car makers. Go get them.

2009-04-07 16:22:27 Carol

I found your post very informative and written in plain english so it could be understood by most of the people. Your all posts are outstanding, but still my favourite would be comparison between India & China as economic power to challange USA in coming 10 years. I also believe what favours China is better spread of growth throughtout the country unlike India. Will visit again. Keep on posting .

2009-02-16 09:48:26 winson

Informative site with good information On India and China, good look to the future on where the world MAY be going.

2009-02-07 12:03:40 scott

I liked this site a lot. It seems like you put a lot of hard work into it…and in return, I think your viewers leave your site feeling inspired. It has great content, and is visually easy on the eyes. I would revisit this site just to read the updates and to check out your progress..

2009-02-03 22:04:32 Joe

change has finally crept in my friend…brilliant blog….”society does not go down due to the activities of criminals it goes down due to the inactivities of the people”-Swami Vivekananda..thanks.

2009-01-27 03:28:09 narendra

I loved the look of your site and really enjoyed your writing style. I wish you the best – I think you will do well blogging

2009-01-15 18:58:02 Sandi

Your site is breath of fresh air and encouragement for a weary world. Its so good to know how thoughtful we can be. It uploaded quickly, nicely illustrated and the text was easily read..

2009-01-14 17:25:49 Lynda

Ineresting page. Im going to bookmark and go from there

2009-01-13 21:44:54 Cory

A very profound and clear site, reflecting the title and description of the site. It is good that you know change begins within the individual and the rest flourishes from there. I very informative and eye opening site. I wish you the very best with it. Also love your writing style. Suited for the way of this blog. Happy progressing. :).

2009-01-13 17:57:54 A

A WP Blog that looks cute and cool. The color scheme is very eye-comforting. The posts are analytical in nature, and key points have been established with adequate logic and examples. Keep it up..

2009-01-12 22:53:20 Siddhartha

Nice blog. blog links? What a surprise. It makes better speed for site response. :).

2009-01-11 21:55:16 aimyaya

the site is nteresting. want to visit again

2009-01-10 12:52:58 Sushma

I bookmarked it….

2009-01-10 04:03:27 mike

Really the subject is very interesting and in this age she is healthy because of her helping tendency.Will visit again and ask friends to visit the site. .
Really the subject is very interesting and in this age she is healthy because of her helping tendency.Will visit again and ask friends to visit the site. .

2009-01-09 22:25:17 Dhanalakshmi


nowadays, it is tough time for all world. i wish we can control it and turn things in positive ways for our future..


2009-04-08 10:42:03 sunny





1. Kathy Kay - February 7, 2009

I like the ideas that you wrote on this site. Very insightful and creative!

2. qiman - February 7, 2009

good blog. i heard xuzhe from jingkong monk, she set a good example for all of us. thanks for sharing.

3. robynsb - March 21, 2009

Hi Karen,

Really like the tone and quality of your blog. Looking at the world through a valuing, positive, appreciative lens does help us to see ourselves and others as co-creators of our reality. We are in this together.

If you would like to visit http://www.pursuingpassions.com you will find support.

4. Karen Fu - March 23, 2009

Hi Robyn

Many thanks for your interest and your encouragement ! Please do feel free to interact here too. 🙂

I have set up a list of other blogs as well and you could find them under my virtual presence tab (https://daringtochange.wordpress.com/my-virtual-presence/).

And thanks for the link ! I’ll go and look at it !

5. Karen - March 25, 2009

qiman, both jingkong and xuzhe are are rare people of the finest character. Jing Kong advocate purity of the mind when in doing good deeds. He mentioned the fact that if one harbours evil, it really doesn’t matter how much you chant or how much you give for charity. I think his is by far the most convincing and the most accurate.

Xu Zhe is a living Buddha. She lives the way she knows in absolute clarity of what justice and rights are. Never to bend them. I often think her ripe old age is a gift for her to continue living and spread the good words of humanity. At 108, she looks at least 30 years younger.

6. Anitha Nayar - May 9, 2011

Dear Karen,
I decided to google “learning from singapore elections” and i was brought to your post. I appreciate your thoughts as they resonate with mine. I completely agree with you that the success of governance is through constant communication with the various strata of citizens. Even our international communities may influence our thoughts and I believe that our awareness grew because of their infiltration and ideologies.
Its food for thought I hope!

Karen - May 9, 2011

Thanks Anitha for the comments. Actually I have a lot more to say. The social media has opened up a new dimension for people to voice their thoughts. It can certainly open up communication in a fresh way. But what is more important is the sincerity of these communication. No point saying:’I can feel for you’ when such so called empathy is not done in action. I believe this election has opened all our thoughts and has indeed done us Singaporeans a lot of good. A heightened sense of national identity along with very good inquiry of how we, as a small but determined nation, should move into the near future. No political party can survive through the lack of communication with the ground. PAP’s votes were largely saved by our Prime Minister. Had he failed to make that facebook connection, more seats would have tipped over to the opposition. Beyond communication, there are also other problems needed to be addressed. The opposition parties have managed to gather very credible candidates. A good number of them are what we could call them as potential PAP candidates, now breaking the stigma and join the opposition. PAP has a lot to ponder upon. But ultimately, they will need to make a huge revamp if they want to win the hearts of the people.

7. Heng Chye Yam - May 20, 2011

I like your site while reading Catherine Lim’s blog. Thank you for the many interesting articles & views. Keep it up!

8. Karen - May 20, 2011

Hi Chye Yam,

thanks for the encouragement as well as your time to drop by. Hope to see you here in the future too. I stumbled upon Catherine Lim’s blog after surfing online for comments on the recent Singapore elections. Like her views but do not agree entirely about some ideas. But I look forward to revisit her blog. Her command of English is beautiful!

9. Hun Ming Kwang - September 9, 2013

Hi Karen,

I’m actually looking for someone to learn fashion drawing from. This is the one of the very first steps to the pursuit of my dreams and goals. I wonder if you still take in any more students and if you would like to join me in this pursuit. This is my contact number 96699215. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,
Hun Ming Kwang

10. @Karen_Fu - September 9, 2013

Hi Ming Kwang, thanks for the note, but I don’t teach fashion drawing. Maybe I would some day. Cheers.

11. Hun Ming Kwang - September 9, 2013

I see! Coz i saw from sgartclass.com that you actually teach and do design and drawing. Haha perhaps i got the wrong person!

12. @Karen_Fu - September 9, 2013

@Hun Ming Kuang, may I see the page that you saw that has my identity to do art lessons? Recently I have a couple of nonsensical posts online and emails that try to make a Mickey out of me. Hope you could supply the online page.

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