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Voice of the People in the name of the Flag May 12, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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Just watched ‘Focus 30’ over at Channel 8. Zheng Yueli spoke in Mandarin about the aftermath of the Singapore Elections 2011 and I was left thinking what we have learnt so far. The lost of Aljunied GRC appears to be a wake-up call to many. PM Lee has stated that the government has heard the people and will look into improvements. The impact of change after the election is there; and I believe during the campaigning, it has already been recognized.What’s more important is the graciousness of the candidates who vow in unison to make this tiny dot of ours a better place to live in.  I hope all these will be materialised.

So what have I learnt ? Apart from thinkiing about our nation building and the problems we are facing, we need a lot of work. It is not just the politicians at work but I feel all of us need to figure out our new role in a changed Singapore. Fundamentally I think we need a change in the way we think about our lives– philosophically and materially. The concept of success needs to be challenged. I think on many levels, it has actually eat us up. The quality of living is far more than measuring how much we have. It is really about sharing with those who do not have. Basic as it seems, we often forget that a peaceful and prosperous life is mainly reliant on being generous and kind. Countries that promote solely on the basis of monetary success are fraught of crimes of varying types. That’s another issue. I too think that we need a real flip in our way of thought. We are far too linear and too pragmatic. There is plenty to say about how a redesign of thought could change for the better. But for now, I think it would be wise for me to just focus on the voice of the people.

[A] Voice of the People

The election may have been over but the fevor from it all has not exactly subsided. As I flip through vidoes on Youtube, blogs on the internet; there is a clear message that comes out from all these. There ideas on Facebook, from votes to open letters, it’s easy to see the true sentiment of the people. The rallies have spoken for themselves. Clearly the tide has changed. To fail listening to these voices will be a big mistake.

Of the many candidates, the opposition has actually fared better this time with a far greater unison than in any other election before. I really like Nicole Seah and Pritam Singh, though I still prefer Nicole Seah for her guts. Pritam Singh has a strong voice which could drive the lungs out of his opponents in sometimes colloquial humour.Anyone who listened to them would know how much they would want to serve the people. I told myself there was  strong zeal in these people. There is little benefit for them to join the opposition, which makes their cause even more convincing. The reason why they can move crowds because they resonate with the people, feel for the people and seriouosly committed to the people in need. Surely they have not lived the times of the last century in the 50s or the 60s when riots, poverty and hunger were at its worst. MM Lee Kuan Yew, then a young and charismatic leader, fought through the crowds with convincing thunderous tone that got his supporters moving. I wasn’t any where then but I read through history and heard from predecessors how the word ‘Merdeka‘ resonated through the supporters. The unmistakably roar got Singapore into the making that everyone now knows. The current problems are of a different nature. Though they cannot see what was then, they can see what is now; and they have earnestly voice what they feel & how they want to help the people. The cause is just as convincing. Had their voices were completely wrong, they would not have garnered so much support, not only from their peers but from a large general public,that also includes their seniors. I think there is a common calling here. And I am glad that this calling is being recognized.

The whole meaning of listening and seeing what is beyond the context of the problem and recognising there is a lot of hard work to do to help, is what people really appreciate. Money cannot buy a lot of things –typically the emotional needs of people and the desperate need to be heard and be appreciated.

On the ground, the micro problems of people and their lives are the fundamental and most crucial in maintaining a nation’s prosperity. I see the stability of people’s lives as the basis of maintaining a nation’s peace. The problems must be addressed. But how do you get the relevant help? effectively? Politics?  Economics? Design? Or plough your way to give whatever you have to people.  I think its a combination of politics, economics and design. Designing of systems — be it physical structures or philosophical structures, our sense of thinking must be formed on the basis of helping the people.  I have been thinking, which is the best way to implement all these? In essence, we are for the people.

[B] In the name of the Flag


Now why would I want to bring in the flag? Firstly, I like to look at my country’s flag. Secondly, its because this election has been more than patriotic. Finally, because there were a few politicians who had mentioned about national unity, makes me look at our flag more. From a symbolic point of view,its got red that represents the common blood of all people to stand as one. And the white renders the purity and virtue of the people in the face of adversity. The 5 stars represent the ideals of democracy, chiefly democracy, peace, progress, equality and justice. The cresent represents a young nation on the rise.

I recall the issue on collecting the best people for the team and I quote Chen Show Mao on the note on ‘Team Singapore: ‘The team that was sending to the world cup is the national team. The team that wears red and white, not white and white.’

I would like to add that within the red and white, there’s the stars and the crescent. And beyond the red and white there is the blue skies. There are always other elements that make up a fine team apart from the 2 colours or so. Just like the twinkling of stars that lit the dark skies and the crescent of the moon that shows its rising potential. We should never forget that there are other laws of nature that will oversee us all. The law of nature never allows just a singular component to over shine or to over rule. It is always a harmony of all elements that make up the beautiful world. : )

Its almost 2:30am again. But before I log off, I would still like to put this famous video up for now. I think it has been left on several people’s blogs whether they have supported the ruling party or for the opposition. It is simply a fiesty roar from our fellow citizens. Be moved by the voice of the people. ‘cos I do. I don’t know how others feel, but I think it’s good voice to hear, to think and to change ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ for now.- Karen Fu