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熊猫竹叶思,人类自由史。/ Panda upon her bamboo thoughts on Human history’s quest for freedom. December 8, 2013

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My raw Chinese presented in a so called poem…
I wonder if the built in translation is in. If not, I’ll do a translation on my thoughts about great leaders and predecessors who sacrifice for us so we could have a better peaceful and fair future.

Title: 熊猫竹叶思,人类自由史。







— 不吃竹叶的熊猫,凯仁随笔分享之。


@karen_fu, 8-12-2013

Nature and Fairness – When Worlds Collide November 25, 2013

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Quick post from my facebook comment. History tells us that the strongest and the most impartial dynasties last. It may take the meanest to stay, but it doesn’t last. The most partial and selfish dynasties die from revolution set by the people. The most unfair businesses fail flat and are never liked. People’s support is the basis of power. Try double standards, and even the Mandate of Heaven will have you out without the people’s revolt. Historical references are aplenty. The will power of goodness can never be underestimated. Why do you think people have so much aspirations when it comes to unconditional passion of all kinds? Because people believe in peace and common love for mankind.

I can only post this much for now. It is something that great people like Dr Sun Yat Sen, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and our own humble Teresa Hsu would pay strong belief in — Human fairness, compassion, and love. Very simple principles, but seemingly to some people, it can be so difficult to do. – Karen Fu

Saturday morning rise to read a fall in human justice…. November 9, 2013

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Not a big matter by certain people who think they are huge. Not a small matter to ignore it either as common folks. Supposedly, the freedom of thought and speech were struck down due to the huge dislike of a certain said or written clause. Or be it the kind of character that one cannot seem to understand or rather choose not to understand, and henceforth chose to force a banishment out of nowhere. (Prof Nick Chater’s point on how one could form an inventory of reasons to justify their decisions in the ‘The mind is flat’ video)Will that be a sign of unfairness? Let truth be told that where there is injustice, there will be reprecussions. You need to ask why such people are at the helm of leadership and are so blind and foolish to do stupid reasons just to put down a harmless and peaceful expression. The rules set by some usually the helm of the most pocessive will do the enforcement on people and to put a downright system in their might. Would we be foolish to use the egg to hit a rock? (A Chinese Saying 以卵击石) what I could say is it is foolish to use hard force in a time when liberty of rights are floating globally. the management of people our subordinates can never come from brut force. How can one be a leader when you are running out of followers? – Karen Fu, little thought on something not that little.