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Why Daring To Change. February 3, 2014

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Why Daring To Change in Chinese – a note to a friend, which I think it’s worth the share. Hopefully in the year of the Horse, we could come to terms to certain issues that aren’t hard to solve if we would just change ourselves even by the little everyday:


I was just flipping through the photos and saw a finger written piece of Chinese words that was written I had just bought my mobile device.


The lines aren’t fantastic but I enjoy using my finger to write them. Sending one off for your perusal.


I genuinely believe about universal compassion. It is a spirit that requires a two way traffic, a heartfelt sincerity to


promote such spirit of love to as far as possible and as long as possible, if not eternity. If everyone had a mind to do so,


the world would definitely be a simpler place sans the complicated troubles, this world would also have a true peace.


Those who believe in universal compassion, fraternity and love, love people and objects around them; bearing a generous heart and mind. People who such love are ones who truly blessed.


Even though when people may bully and harm, on the other end there will be gracious and gallantly kind people who would come to the rescue.


Unrefined Chinese characters on this page, but hopefully my Chinese will gradually improve to a greater height. No guts, no hope.


No hope, no success. True face of love is always capable of miracles. That is why I set up an English blog of my own.’ – @Karen_Fu


A Simple Thought March 19, 2013

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Am Facebooking and reading off feeds and comments along with skim reading other online notes and emails.

I cannot help but to post this quick thought that has come to me instantly:

For those who have Faiths, please do not think your Lord, your Buddha, you Allah, your God are deceivable. For those who have no Faith, there is still a force that you may yet to find but is looking over you. Just that you are not quiet enough to understand it, doesn’t mean the true heart of doing a certain thing cannot be seen.

Being true isn’t hard to do. Do not waste time thinking you can bend rules to get your way. Doing this in front to look good and bend it over to do something. It doesnt work that way. Some people donate money for good causes but do something hideous behind, thinking the charity will cancel off the negative karma of doing bad. My advise: don’t even think about playing tricks. It never pays in the end, ‘cos you don’t call your Lord anything else as they have the highest form of power that you cannot fathom.

I am a free thinker even at this point. I do so because I think this will free me up to mix with everyone. I believe that any positive religions will accommodate very similar, if not the same principles of what is obeying the Lord. And that is not to exploit anyone’s kindness for your own greed. That’s just one point. The point that I often read off news about certain people defying their Faith to do hideous crimes makes me often wonder what kind of people we have today. It may sound religious, but at times I can’t help but to think the natural disasters that we have are indeed the Lord’s way of teaching unfaithful people a lesson.

Hopefully people will be awakened. And that the power of advanced technology and science has little to do with solving actual problems. Often I think the backward movement of technology may well save our lives in many ways. It’s a huge change to flip over. I suppose people want the high tech to show ones prowess and might. Then thinking back again, it may well be a sign of self destruction going by the way how certain people are bending rules these days. – Karen Fu

People and Faith February 14, 2013

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People work for money. Nothing wrong with that. But when it comes with the idea of exploiting everything to ones selfish and egotistical power goals, then there’s a problem. People can be swayed for the sake of money and power and do things pit against their conscience. But when it comes to rewards and punishments, it becomes clear that we human being cannot match our allah, our Lord, and our Faith and laws of nature in terms of the ultimate power and might. – Karen Fu