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In God We Trust, In truth We trust. July 3, 2013

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Mid night thoughts here to share. And I will just write what I think here. This isn’t the first time I get people, who prey on my bluntness online. I think I need to fine tune to people who play on my weaknesses. But this incident made me think a lot about people and minds, and the kind of world we are going to get if we retain the kind of cunning behaviors. Online behaviors are easier to catch because it can be traced. But offline ones can be a little difficult. But in due course, one can still see the genuine characters of people. There are responsibilities in the lines of speech, and the intentions behind the actions and purpose. Actually stalking and posting irrelevant replies online could also be seen as offensive. I suppose my post here can also be seen as a rant but I think there are precious lessons to be learnt.

Reread his dialogue on the thread on Facebook, I think I have let him played on me by using open lines that could be played around later. Can’t do anything now that he has disappeared right after I posted the reply in this *thread. While looking at the link just a moment ago, his name has fully disappeared and a ‘Facebook user’ is after an empty image. Honestly, I was furious. It felt like playing around, shooting it out and before you read on, all have vanished. Reminds me of another incident last year where this came from an old school mate whom I have not seen for more than 15 years or so. A completely changed person, who actually was a model student in school, now divorced from her husband who is now allowed to legally keep the children from her. She played on insulting by going to a place that we had agreed not to go as I couldn’t take the sort of seafood they were offering. Obviously she didn’t care and went on to arrange the whole dinner 30 minutes before the stated time and had her dinner with another friend of ours. So when I arrived, they had already eaten and were too full to eat. She apologized unwillingly that I wanted to skip the dinner meet up. But I want to see the other friend, so I went. Then I wished I didn’t. It was insulting to hear them looking down on my profession as well as showing disbelief that I could do up the kind of work they think I couldnt because I was not academically as brilliant as they were. That incident was something similar in the sense she felt that God knew what she was doing and she was righteous about it. To be honest, I hate that line after what she did. I have nothing against Christians but I do hate Christians who played around the notion of God. God is the almighty in Christianity. Actions and intentions are seen very clearly under Heaven’s eyes. I don’t know why such people want to do it, they may be thinking they could get away with it. I have stopped talking to her and I make it open I do not condone the act. She had had a line of misfortunes that saw her in huge distress and she still failed to understand why all her children are in irreversible trouble and blamed that God hadn’t treated them fairly. I think I may know the answer that her sins were not repented. As a Christian, or indeed with all other non Christians, aren’t we suppose to repent and learn from life horrors? The strangest thing was after that, all her lines of story were revealed to me by accident. I genuinely believe that good health and well being comes from a genuinely kind soul. Especially so when you have a religion. Not a nice comment here, but these online dialogues remind me of that incident. He is going to use this as his next social media presentation. This itself is a retaliation behind. My facebook cannot tarnish his image. It is his own presentation that could do more harm.

I can’t stop anyone from saying and doing anything they want, as I am no God. I probably sound more religious than at least these two persons I have mentioned as I am a free thinker; but I do believe we are looked upon by just one common Lord. And the Lord is no dumbbell to not able to see the real intentions and actions. I wouldn’t dare to play around under the eyes of heaven. It does come around. – Karen Fu

Personal Reference:
1. Facebook private messages and dialogue replies on the 2-7-13 and the 3-7-13 (see ref on separate threads)

A Simple Thought March 19, 2013

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Am Facebooking and reading off feeds and comments along with skim reading other online notes and emails.

I cannot help but to post this quick thought that has come to me instantly:

For those who have Faiths, please do not think your Lord, your Buddha, you Allah, your God are deceivable. For those who have no Faith, there is still a force that you may yet to find but is looking over you. Just that you are not quiet enough to understand it, doesn’t mean the true heart of doing a certain thing cannot be seen.

Being true isn’t hard to do. Do not waste time thinking you can bend rules to get your way. Doing this in front to look good and bend it over to do something. It doesnt work that way. Some people donate money for good causes but do something hideous behind, thinking the charity will cancel off the negative karma of doing bad. My advise: don’t even think about playing tricks. It never pays in the end, ‘cos you don’t call your Lord anything else as they have the highest form of power that you cannot fathom.

I am a free thinker even at this point. I do so because I think this will free me up to mix with everyone. I believe that any positive religions will accommodate very similar, if not the same principles of what is obeying the Lord. And that is not to exploit anyone’s kindness for your own greed. That’s just one point. The point that I often read off news about certain people defying their Faith to do hideous crimes makes me often wonder what kind of people we have today. It may sound religious, but at times I can’t help but to think the natural disasters that we have are indeed the Lord’s way of teaching unfaithful people a lesson.

Hopefully people will be awakened. And that the power of advanced technology and science has little to do with solving actual problems. Often I think the backward movement of technology may well save our lives in many ways. It’s a huge change to flip over. I suppose people want the high tech to show ones prowess and might. Then thinking back again, it may well be a sign of self destruction going by the way how certain people are bending rules these days. – Karen Fu